#3 things challenge #455

Di has given us these 3 things today to work with:


So My PA Frances rents her house from the local city council. Same as me. Her double socket in her sitting room is broken. It began to spark recently and then it fused, and the electricity in her house blew and so she rang the council to tell them and see if they’d come out to look at it.
That was six weeks ago. No sign of them coming out at all.
Every week for the past six weeks she’s rang their offices. I told her I think its totally ridiculous.
I mean, they are her landlords. You’d think when its an electrical fault they’d be out straight away. When she rings them they keep telling her that someones coming out either on the same day or the next day, and then, nobody shows up.
She told them last week that if anything happens, if her house goes up in flames, she’ll sue them.
Even her saying that didnt get them out to her.
But yet, when I called a few weeks ago and asked them to come out because I thought my trip switch blew in my hall way they were out to me in a flash on the same day. Just because I told them I was blind and had food in the fridge that would spoil if someone didnt come out to check on it.
I wonder why its one rule for me and a different rule for Frances? Just because I’m classed as vulnerable? Is that why?
Who knows!