Some people are so damn rude

So I just got a taxi home from my sisters house. I rang a company I use on a regular basis.

The guy I spoke to on the phone took my number and he said he’d have the driver call me. A few minutes later the driver called me.

I told him I was blind, and so I’d be passing him over to my sister so she could direct him where to go. His response?

“Your blind?”
Me: Yes!
Him: “Well if your blind, how will you find the car?”

I mean come on, did he ever hear of helping someone out? I mean, I didnt actually need help as my parents were with me.

But really? Who says that?

So then when he spoke with my sister to get directions, she said to him, if you get lost just give another ring and I’ll help you out.

Oh no, he said. I wont need to ring. I know loads of people who live near you.

Well damn! If you know so many people, why did you ring me for directions in the first place?

Some people are so rude!

We all wore face masks when we went in the taxi, and good thing we did, as he had one on also.

I suppose if we didnt he’d have complained!

The one good thing was he didnt overcharge, in fact for the distance we had to go I thought the fare was really reasonable.