Book review: silenced by Rosie Lewis

This was an amazing book, it was heartbreakingly sad, but it also shows how the love and care from a foster parent can really make a huge different in a child, or childrens lives.

Title: Silenced

Author: Rosie Lewis

The book is available from audible, which is where I got it, its also available from amazon, on kindle and in paperback.

Book Synopsis:

A family with a dark secret.

A child who refuses to speak.

Rosie must help her before it’s too late.

Nine-year-old Caitlin has a secret, but she cannot tell anyone about it. When her mother is sectioned under the Mental Health Act, she and her three siblings have to go and live with her grandmother Julie and grandad Ryan.

Caitlin finds her new living conditions challenging: cat poo on the carpet, rubbish everywhere and the constant stare of her grandad—she retreats more and more into herself.

When foster carer Rosie Lewis meets Caitlin, she knows something is deeply wrong with this little girl, who is withdrawn, afraid and refuses to speak. Rosie decides to take her in, but Caitlin’s silence continues, and Rosie knows she must act.

Why is Caitlin so afraid to speak?

Could it be that the family has a dark secret?

One that is so shocking it can no longer be hidden?

The book is a tough one to read, there is lots of discussion of abuse in it, but it had me hooked from beginning to end.

I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns but there are many, and once I really got into it I couldn’t put it down.

I did not expect the ending, I was thinking the abuse that the children suffered was all down to their grandfather, but it wasn’t, that’s all I’ll say, don’t want to give anything away.

You won’t be disappointed if you read this book, Rosie has done a terrific job, as usual, she is such an incredible foster parent.

I give this book 5 out of 5 and encourage anyone whose reading this to pick it up and give it a read!