Book review: Please let me go by caitlinn spencer

Ok so I’ve just recently finished the book called, please let me go which is by caitlinn spencer. Caitlinn is from the UK, and her book is her personal memoir, her personal story of being groomed and then sex trafficked by gangs of Pakistani men. All this because she was white, and this is what these gangs do to white girls. Caitlinns story started when she was just 14 years old, and she was out of school, and answered an AD in the newspaper looking for models. It started from there, and she was psychologically and systematically abused by a man who was selling her for sex. He controlled her in every way, even going so far as to rape her in her home, in her parents bedroom. When she was 15 she got pregnant as a result of the abuse she was enduring, and this man, her groomer, took her for an illegal abortion. After about a year of controlling her and grooming her, he then sold her on to the Pakistani gangs. These gangs sodamised and raped her on a continuous basis. they’d come to her home and pick her up in taxi’s, they’d take her to hotels, they’d abuse her in car parks, in taxi’s etc. She wasn’t able to say no to them, because her psychological scars ran so deep from being controlled by that first man who groomed her. Her parents knew something, and turned a blind eye to it. How parents can do that is beyond me. They should have protected her, but instead they kicked her out at 16 and she had to go live in a hostel where she was vulnerable and more horrific things happened to her. Over the years she tried to go to psychiatrists, and professionals for help, but they had her down as working as a prostitute, and nobody helped her, they just diagnosed her as having bipolar, bpd, and gave her meds and left it at that. The abuse went on for over a decade. She had 11 pregnancies, only 2 of her pregnancies went full term, and the rest of her babies were either aborted or miscarried. She tried to escape to Australia a few times, but during one of her Australian visits she ended up working as a prostitute. So really she was back in an abusive situation again. Years later she tried to go back to Australia and apply for a visa and residency there to keep her girls safe from harm, but she was refused. In the end she got out of the abuse, and her story is a really powerful read. I would highly recommend it. Its shocking, and will shock you to your core. Some of the things that happened to her are horrendous. I can relate though having gone through similar abuse in my childhood and teens. Nothing shocks me, but it may shock you if you choose to read this book. These gangs were operating widely in the UK for years, grooming the most vulnerable kids, and then going on to abuse them horribly. They were found out though, their activities were detected, and subsequently some of these men were arrested and charged. I am glad that Caitlinn told her story. And I am glad I read it. She is very brave, and a warrior and survivor in every sense of the word.

If you want to read this book its available in audio from audible, on amazon in paperback or on kindle.

Book review: Survivors, by Maggie Oliver

I just finished an amazing book. It was a long book, over 10.5 hours in audio. But it is so worth it, I highly recommend it to everyone!
the book is called survivors, and is written by maggie oliver.
It is the story of the child abuse scandal in rochdale in manchester in the UK, this was a huge case, it was where white girls were being groomed and sexually abused and exploited by pacastani and asian men, the men were grooming the girls first, and then abusing them.
Maggie was a detective working on the case. The story centres mainly around one family who went through the abuse, it centres on a mother and her two girls, and the majority of the book is about them.
but during the story, maggie also talks about her own life, her life story is intertwined within the book also. She openly talks about losing her husband to bowel cancer, about losing her grandaughter, and about her grief.
She also talks about her training to become a police officer, and about the different jobs she worked on while she was a police officer.
And, she doesnt shy away from the bad side of being a police officer either. She talks about how she was bullied when she first started, and then as the rochdale case was going on, she talks about how she found things done during the case to be wrong, she had a lot of misgivings about how it was being handled. But nobody would listen to her. No one in the police was taking her seriously.
At the end of the book she talks about her time on celebrity big brother, and about the tv show that was made depicting the rochdale case.
Its a fascinating story, and once you start it, you’ll be hooked, just like I was.
The book is definitely a page turner!
Its available on audible, on kindle, and in paperback.
I give the book 5 stars!

Results of my bllod tests!

I called my GP’s surgery for my results of my blood tests this afternoon. I didnt get very far.
The nurse gave me a few of the results, but she said I needed to come in for a diabetic review.
I will be going in on December 9th!
She did tell me that my sugars are up a little and my cholesterol is a little high.
Thats all she told me though.
I really dont know how this is possible since I am losing weight. I know the A1C is for the last 3 months.
Its a bit frustrating. My mom said she’d take me in there on the 9th.
Until then, its a waiting game!

Book review: Innocent by cathy Glass

I just finished the latest Cathy Glass book a few days ago. It was a great read like all of her books are. I do have to say though that I knew what the problem with the mother was right from the get go. It wasnt hard to spot what was going on. Maybe it would be to someone who didnt know a lot about mental illness or psychology, but I knew right away what the issue was with her.
The book centres around two siblings, molly age 3, and kit aged 18 months. they were taken into care due to Kits non accidental injuries. He had a broken arm and bruising to his face.
While in care, the kids are sick a lot. They keep having symptoms like vomiting, rashes, breathing difficulties etc. Normally it happens after contact with their parents. It turns out the mother is making them ill. She has munchausens bi proxy.
It is only after Cathys own daughter Lucy becomes ill that Cathy figures out that the food from contact is contaminated, but she doesnt guess its the mother doing it, she thinks the food is being stored incorrectly at home.
When she finds out the real cause of the childrens mysterious illnesses, she is shocked. I wont spoil the ending, but I will say, I did not like how the book ended. Its true to life though, and I guess the ending was how things happened, and cathy is reporting it exactly how things unfolded.
Overall I enjoyed the book. And I think anyone who reads it will too. I read it in a matter of days. Its a real page turner.
It also highlights the mental illness munchausin bi proxy. That illness isnt very well known. I thought it was good that it gets some attention as this sort of thing does happen far too often and its hard to pinpoint or diagnose.
I rate the book five stars! Its available on amazon, and in paperback from all good book stores, and on kindle and on audible as an audio book also.


Book review: Please dont take my sisters, by Maggie Hartley

I finished this book a few days ago. It was a great read, but a very very sad read.

I think this was one of the saddest foster care memoirs I’ve ever read.

The book is about 3 siblings, amelee, lexi and Leo. They come into care on an emergency placement. Lexi is 3, Amelee is 5 and Leo is 13.

The little girls do well in foster care, but Leo has tons of issues. He’s been looking after his sisters at home, caring for them, while his mother is drinking a lot, and pretty much out of it the whole time.

Due to this, he has a lot of anxiety, he has OCD tendencies, and an eating disorder. It comes to light too later in the story that he self harms.

I wont ruin the book, but the ending of it isnt really a happy one. You wont be able to stop reading though once you start, you’ll just want to find out what happens to these 3 children.

Basically the story is whether the 2 little girls should be adopted, without their big brother, or whether the children should all stay together. As I said, I wont spoil the ending for you…do read it to find out, you wont be disappointed.

The book is available on kindle, in paperback, and in audio from audible.


?? Book review:Going dark, by paula light ??

I have just finished the second of Paulas books, paula light, who blogs over at light motifs.
Her book going dark is a great one. Its a short read, the audio version is 41 minutes in length, so I was able to read it in one sitting! It is a fantastic page turner!
If you love poetry and short stories then this is the book for you! I loved the dark poetry in this volume. My favourite pieces were angel, waves, and kalaideascope.
Paula is a fantastic writer. I’ve read both of her books now and both of them left me wanting more! I highly recommend you read them. The links to them are below!
the amazon link is

and the audiobook link is:

Do enjoy them! You will not be disappointed!

And if you can you should also go check out Paulas blog light motifs she’s a really awesome blogger!

Thanks for the fabulous reads Paula! I thought the two books were awesome!


Books I wanna read this month!

I am planning on getting really serious about reading! I do read a lot, but I’d like to up my reading. I want to spend more time with my nose or should I say ears in a book! So here are some of the books I want to read in August!

Please dont take my sisters, which is maggie hartleys new book

A dog named dez, about how a dog changed his owners life

Just a child, by Sammy woodhouse I started it but need to finish it

The baby snatchers, cant think of the author offhand

A safe place for joey, mary maccracken

trapped, by rosie lewis

swinging sanity, by my blogger buddy stoner on a roller coaster!

I want to also start reading the hannah swensen series, by joanne fluke

I also would love to start reading the in death series, by JD rob

Ideally I’d also love to start reading the harry potter series! Yes I’ve never read these books, shame on me!

If I can get to all of these and maybe a few more, I will be delighted!

I am planning on doing some reviews of what I read also! Stay tuned!