S.Y.K time!

Its so you know, S.Y.K time over at revenge of eve! So I thought I’d participate today!

Her questions that she is posing are below…

•Have you ever wet your pants or the bed as an adult? Ages 18- current age? I have wet my pants from laughing a few times. The bed, on occasion, if I am having a nightmare, but not a lot.
•Who is your all-time favorite comedian? How would you describe the style of comedy you enjoy? My all time favourite irish comedian is Brenden O’Carroll. He is so funny, well I think he is anyway. He has a tv show now, Mrs. browns boys. I love it. He can be crude, but I think he’s hilarious. The style of comedy I like is stand up.
•Do you and your friends and/or family have a funny person in your circle? Yes, that would be me! Haha!
•Are you good at telling jokes? I am I think. People always laugh, whether its because I am funny or well maybe they are just humouring me, but they always seem to laugh at my jokes!

I hope you enjoyed my answers to Eve’s questions!


is a series of questions giving readers insight into their favorite bloggers personal life!

  1. Do you have any known enemies/frienemies? I dont have a lot of enemies. I have the few who hate to see me making progress, and back stab snd talk about me and only want to talk to me to find out gossip!
  2. How long has this feud been going on? Well I’ve had people in my life like this for most of my adult life. Somepeople hate to see others getting healthier!
  3. What is the reason behind this failed relationship? Its that I am healing and some people in my life hate that. They hate that I might be progressing and feeling good about myself in the process.
  4. Will this mend itself with time or will it require work? I think it would requite work. Work on their part to stop gossiping and work on my part to let go of the anger I feel towards them.
  5. Are you willing to put in the effort to save this relationship or just drop the feud? Why or why not? I would, but sadly I dont think the others involved would be willing to put in the work it would take to mend it.

Join the fun!

Create a post titled G2K

Use the hashtag #g2k

Create a pingback to this post

Answer the questions honestly

Have fun


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Eve over at revenge of eve does a series G2K where she asks questions and you answer them so other bloggers can get to know you better!

How to participate:

Create a post and title G2K

Use the tag #g2k

Create a pingback to this post to notify your participation

Answer questions honestly


  1. How would you say others perceive you? Confident or Insecure? I think most people see me as confident!
  2. Are you confident or insecure? At times I’m confident, others insecure, it really depends on what I am doing at any given time.
  3. If your answer to 1 & 2 is opposite, define your behaviors that make this so. well I’m confident in social situations, when dealing with people on the phone etc, dealing with senarios that may cause problems, but then I’m insecure around my friends, over emotional, clingy, etc.
  4. Who do you attribute your confidence or low self-esteem to? I can attribute my low self esteem to my dad always putting me down during my teen years. My confidence? Well I attribute that to my teachers in the bording school teaching me how to deal with problems and be assertive and get my needs met.
  5. Write them a note in 20 words or less expressing your gratitude or feelings of injustice. dad, i hated when you treated me like shit, did it make you feel good? to do it?

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I thought I’d participate in revenge of Eve’s challenge G2k for this week.

The rules:

Use the tag #g2k

Create a pingback to this post

Answer each question honestly

The questions:

  1. In what areas of your do you find it hard, to be honest with yourself?

I am least honest with myself in regards to my cutting, and other unhealthy coping strategies.

  1. Have you put in an effort to change this or do you ignore it in hopes it disappears? I try to change it. I work hard in therapy to try to come up with alternative coping skills to use.
  2. How does this affect other areas of your life? It causes me emotional turmoil and pain, it worries my family and friends, it causes me to lie to them and I also feel ashamed of the ways in which I have coped.
  3. Can you define the underline fear in regards to this? If so, explain. I worry if I give up my unhealthy coping techniques, I wont be able to cope with my emotions and thats probably more scarier to me than hurting myself or numbing my feelings.
  4. Do you find that you are more of an honest or dishonest person around others? I used to be dishonest but over the past few years that has changed, I now try to always be honest, because honesty is best, even if sometimes the truth hurts.


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Who is your hero?
My gramma.
What is their superpower?
Her determination and kind heart.
Where was your first kiss?
My first kiss was while me and my partner were in her house, we were going out, and we were heading towards the back door when she suddendly threw her arms around me and kissed me.
When was the first time you fell in love?
I was 16, it was more of a crush than true love though.
How did you know it was love?
Well like I said it was more of a crush I was the one crushing!
Why is love important?
because it makes people feel special, and have warm fuzzies inside.
*Journal prompt: Write about your first love.
I’m not going to share this on here, I prefer to do it in private.

To participate:

  • Create a post answeringthe above questions.
  • Title your post G2K
  • Use the header imageas your image.
  • Use #g2kin your post settings
  • Create a pingbacklinking you to this post.
  • Write the journal promptin your private journal oron your post.






revenge of eve G2K

Eve over at revenge of eve has a new series, in which I am participating this week…its called g2k, and its a lot of fun!


The questions for this week are:


• Who has always stood by your side? That would be my mom. She has always been one of my biggest supporters.  She has helped me fight all the way through my childhood for absolutely everything.
• What year were you born? I was born in 1980. I actually like that I am an 80’s kid.
• Where were you born? I was born in Cork, in Ireland.
• When is your birthday? 19th April.
• How many siblings do you have? I have 1 sister, Laura, she’s 29, I don’t have any brothers.
• Why is mental health important? It is important because we need to break down stigma, and destroy myths.
Journal prompt: Write a thank you letter to the person who has stood by your side.
Dear mom,
Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for helping me through everything. I don’t know where I’d be without you. In fact I don’t know what I’d do without you. I cant imagine life without you in it. I am so glad you are my mom. I couldn’t ask for a better mom. Your love has always been unwavering.  I am so grateful that you are my mom.  Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  Thank you for all of the good times.  We have had a lot of them.  I know we haven’t always had the best mother daughter relationship, but now that we do, I am so thankful. I am delighted our relationship turned around.  Thank you for always doing your best for me. I know life wasn’t easy for you. You were young when you had me at only 17, I know you knew nothing about blindness or even disability.  Having a child so young and then that child having a disability must’ve been so hard for you.  But you didn’t falter. You went on. You are so strong.  Thank you for passing your strength on to me. I love you, mom.
your loving daughter,
Carol anne