He’s officially retired!

Nitro is officially retired now! 2 instructors, ciara and allie came to my house yesterday and filled out all of the paperwork to retire him. They also filled out a rehoming form, transfering ownership of him to me.
The 2 instructors who came out were both new to the organisation, so I didnt know them, but I didnt have to worry, they were lovely. They put me at ease right away.
They said that Nitro looks great for his age!
They kept saying how adorable he was, and how friendly he was.
I told them I wasnt retraining with a new dog for now. They said if I changed my mind and wanted to retrain at any time to just ring the centre to get on the list.
All of the classes are being done from peoples homes right now due to the pandemic.
So now nitros officially retired. I went to the pet store yesterday morning, and I got him some treats. I bought him two smoky bones, and a yaker, which is a sort of chew. I gave him the yaker when I got home, and he still had it two hours later, lol.
I’m happy it all went so well. I plan on letting him enjoy his retirement.
carol anne