Ireland extends the lockdown

so last night, our taoiseach, leo varadcar made an announcement on the news.
Not even sure if I spelled his name right lol.
but, he made a big announcement, about the future…and, I tuned in to watch it!
He said that our current lockdown will be extended, until may 18th!
After that things will start to slowly reopen. But, from now, until May 18th, people can go 5 Km from their homes, especially those who are coocooning!
You can either drive or walk 5 KM from your home!
Also, builders are going back to work, on the 18th, and garden centres and hardware stores are reopening!
They said on the news the lockdown will slowly be lifted, it is going to happen in 5 stages!
For now though, there arent many changes, other than the 5 KM walking driving one.
Ireland has been quite fortunate, given all that has gone on, we’ve had over 1232 deaths, and 20 thousand cases of coronavirus, but compared with some countries, like the UK and italy and spain and the US we’ve escaped a lot of it!
I think I can survive another little while, especially if the lockdown stops the spread of the virus, which it seems to be doing!