Sunday lunch and a catch up!

I just got home from my visit to my parents house. We had Sunday lunch which was very nice. I went there at noon, and stayed until 3:30. It was nice to spend quality time with my mom.

We had a good catch up. And of course the doughnuts we had were spectacular also.

She said when she comes over to my house on Wednesday that she’d help me to pack a bag for going to Dublin. I told her that I could get Frances to do it with me but she said no, that she would prefer to do it.

She’s feeling a lot better, although her sinuses are still quite blocked and her head is quite sore. If she bends down she gets pain in her head.

She’ll be taking the antibiotics that her GP prescribed until next Friday. She also has nose spray which she takes, and painkillers.

I’m just glad she didn’t catch covid!

On that note, last night our government lifted all of the restrictions on people who are flying in to Ireland, now, if your coming in to Ireland you don’t have to show proof of vaccination, or get a PCR test to show that your negative.

I think I am going to relax for the rest of the afternoon. I will read, go on face book and maybe watch tv.