Up and down night

I’ve had a restless night. I’ve slept on and off. But I’ve gotten no more than an hours sleep at any one time.

Its 4:30 now. I’m done for the night. I cant sleep any more.

I slept on my recliner again. Its comfortable. Nitro was snoring and listening to his soft snore was so cute. I love it.

I took some fenergan to make me sleep last night. I got a suggestion from my friend sarah to take it at 8 PM, about 2 hours before I’m going to go to sleep. So I did that. I only took 25 mg, that is my prescribed dose. It did work, because when I slept I slept soundly, now I feel very groggy though.

I’m going to go make a coffee and try to wake up properly. I need to get rid of the groggy feeling before 9 AM when my PA Frances is due to arrive.

I’m happy I got some rest though. Some is better than none. Even if it is induced with meds.