morning post

surprisingly, i slept well last night. i didnt think i would. so when i did, it was a huge surprise.

I woke up at 6:30. My mom was also awake and she was getting up so I got up with her.

Its just gone 7:30 now.

Its a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining. Its so nice to see it.

I fed Nitro and let him out and spent some time chatting to my mom and stuff.

No plans for today really, other than maybe going to my aunts house this evening, if the weather stays good.

There is a game of bingo being played outside, with all the neighbours, so mom and me and my aunt thought we’d go and play. mom can play for me.

we’ll maintain strict social distancing while we’re there. but it’ll be fun. nice to get out and have a bit of a laugh.

the prizes are small but you do win some money if you win.

If it stays sunny I might take Nitro for a walk later on this morning.

Other than that though i have no palans today. I’ll just relax, and chill out.

Well rested

I have The opportunity to rest
I am so happy
I rest until
The heavy rain falls and wakes me up
Not to worry
As I have gotten substantial sleep
I roll out of bed
rub my eyes sleepily
Make my coffee
And turn on the radio
A repeat of this mornings talk show is on
and as the rain bounces off the pavement
I start my day
Well rested.

7 AM bedtime!

Right guys. I’ve had no sleep not a wink.
I am just exhausted, I fed nitro and let him out and now I am headed to bed to try to get 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
We;ll see how I go, cant believe its morning and I’ve been up all night.
I have to work later on this morning so I’d better get a move on and see if I can rest a little.

Well rested!

Its been a sleepy sort of afternoon. I rested a lot. I just felt so tired. I didnt mind, I wasnt doing anything else so I was able to relax. Now I am waiting for my PA to get here. When she does I need to send her to the store. I want to get some pepsi, I am craving it.

The kids are excited to get pepsi. Taylor will probably make a video later. She really wants to do that this evening. She likes to make videos.

I didnt go to work today. I will work tomorrow afternoon. There is a lunch tomorrow at work for a colleague who left our office. I’m not sure I can make it but I will try. I really liked this girl, she is lovely and we got along really good.

At least I feel rested now, thats something at least.

Monday update

what a day! I’m absolutely shattered! But there is no sign of sleep coming for me!
We had a very intense therapy session yesterday. I dont want to talk about it yet. I will soon but not right now. But needless to say we were wrecked after it. Totally exhausted. But thank god for eileen. She got us through in one piece, and I was able to go work in the afternoon.
Work was good. I had a new list of clients to call. My shift went really well. I work again today, its now almost 5 AM. I dont know how I am supposed to get through today. I havent been able to rest, but I did rest in the evening yesterday, so I did get a little bit of rest.
I’ve been playing around with my macbook. I sorted out the issue with me muting the speech on it, so I’ve been playing with it trying to figure stuff out on it. I was trying to make a video earlier for my youtube channel but I couldnt do it and I got frustrated with it. I could record but when I tried to stop the recording it was acting up and I wasnt able to successfully upload the video either.
I’ll try again tomorrow. In the meantime I made a video on my phone.
My PA frances will be here at 9 AM today. We’re going to do some housework. I also have a guy coming to service my boiler, and I have the pharmacy guy coming with my meds. I specifically told the guy whose servicing my boiler to come in the morning, so that frances would be there, as I dont feel comfortable having someone in the house and me being on my own with them just because I cant see and I’m not ok allowing strange people in the house.
So how has your Monday been? Good? Bad? In between?


Well rested!

I got a fantastic night sleep after I came home from the wedding. I rested too all day today, so now I am well rested, probably a little too well rested, I guess I dont think I’ll sleep much tonight, as I stayed in bed most of today, only got up to eat dinner, and then had to get up to actually go home from moms to my own house, went home around 6 Pm. Mom came with me to help me clean up the dog poop in the yard and do a couple more bits around my house, plus, I also had some shopping I had to bring home, fruit and water and stuff which mom very kindly went to the store today to get for me! So got home and chilled out some more, been doing some stuff online, downloading books to my PC, and now I’m just watching a little bit of tv, catching up on a few shows. I am planning on reading in a little while, I’m so happy I slept well though I needed the rest, as when we were away I didnt sleep good at all. I think I only slept like 2 or 3 hours on saturday night, it was just too hot to sleep, I just couldnt seem to settle.