Your three things today are:


I had a nice trip up to see dr. barry yesterday. The roads were quiet. The sun was shining, and the trip up to the hospital went quickly.
The taxi was a few minutes late picking me up, but that was to be expected as the schools were back.
The driver was lovely. He chatted to me all the way there, and when we got there he helped me into the waiting room, and brought me to the reception desk to check in.
The girl who was at the desk wasnt dr. barrys secretary, she was the secretary for the other doctor, but she checked me in and then she came out to guide me to a seat.
I find the girls on the desk so helpful, they will always help me to a seat if I need help.
I had about a 40 minute wait before I saw dr. barry. But we had a good appointment.
I came out feeling great!
My transport back home was another taxi, but again, the driver was very helpful, and once home I made a coffee and then rested for an hour while I waited for my mom and sis to get here.

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