I had to fire one of my PAS

So yesterday I had to fire one of my PA’S! Her name is nuala.
She had been my PA for 2 years! But I didnt get along with her!
And things were getting worse and worse over the last few weeks.
When she was doing her shifts She was leaving before it was her time to leave, she’d say to me, is there anything else? Meaning, is there anything else to do, and if I said no, she’d say, ok, well, I’ll head away home so!
Also, she was very well how do I put it, outspoken? We’d say here in ireland, she was very opinionated, and was very forward!Meaning, if she thought I should have an item in my house that I didnt have, she be like, you need to go get whatever item it was! One time she bought me a cooking pot without asking and then she expected me to give her 20 euro which is how much the pot cost!
anyway, I grew tired of her constantly leaving early, and I prefer my other PaA frances, Frances never ever leaves before she is supposed to, she’s not opinionated, and she is great at her job and we get along great!
So I rang my coordinator at the agency yesterday, and I asked her if I could change my hours around, and if frances could do all of my hours with me!
I told her the problems I was having, and she agreed that I could have frances workwith me full time!
Then she said she’d ring the other lady to tell her the situation!
what did Nuala do when she found out? She rang me! I kinda knew she would. I didnt answer the call. Instead, I blocked her number so she cant contact me again!
I dont need that stress!
She had no right calling me! Not when the coordinator had told her we werent going to be working together any more! The coordinator had told me that she was just going to tell her I was canceling the evening service, that I wanted to change my hours around, and that I wouldnt be needing her services any longer!
I dont know why she was calling me! She shouldnt have done that!
So anyway, now that I have frances full time, I am happier! We have to give Nuala 2 weeks notice, which is fine with me. She hasnt been working with me anyway due to the coronavirus, so after the 2 weeks are up I can start working full time with frances.
I am so relieved!

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I still get to see dr. barry tomorrow! Yay!

So the corona virus hasnt shut everything down yet thank god!
I thought Dr. Barry may not have her outpatient clinic tomorrow. But she is going ahead with it. So I will get to see her yay!
I talked with her secretary this morning and she confirmed it for me. I was so relieved! 3 weeks now since I’ve seen her, I am feeling like I really need to see her!
We have a lot to discuss, but mainly we need to discuss med options. So we’ll definitely be talking over what to do about my increased anxiety, dissociation, lack of sleep etc.
I know she’ll have good advice for me, she always does. I love how we can be so honest with one another, really real, you know?
Anyway I am just so relieved I will have my appointment tomorrow. Its a huge weight off my mind. I am so thankful for Dr. Barry.

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Tossing and turnning all night

I only got a little sleep. I started watching tv at around 11 last night, and I got hooked on some shows. I probably shouldnt have, but I was watching crimes that shook britain, it was an old episode which I hadnt seen, it wasnt creepy or too triggery so I decided to stay up and watch it, that show started at midnight, and lasted for an hour. Then I was flicking channels for a while. I was going to watch sex sent me to the ER on discovery home and health but then the tiredness overtook me. I turned off the tv and fell asleep. I did have a few crazy dreams, but mostly what kept waking me up was my cough. It was horrible and I kept having to get up to get a drink. At around 4 AM I was feeling hungry so I ate a banana. I did manage to go back to sleep for about another hour, but at 6:30 I gave up and got up. Had to see to nitro and now he’s fed and was outside, I have a little time to spare before I need to get ready to go to therapy. I’m thinking I probably shouldnt go into work today. It wouldnt be fair to go in and pass my germs around the office. I’ll ring my supervisor later on this morning to let her know. It will give me the morning once I am back home to finish off my assignment for college. I literally have 400 words left to write and its done. I’ll be oh so glad when its finished. Completed and handed in! Uploaded to canvas! What a relief that will be!

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Got the results of my smear test back!

The nurse from my gp’s practice just called me. She had good news! My results of my smear test are back and everything is normal! Thank god! I am so relieved!
They are still going to refer me to a clinic to have my cervix looked at, since I bled after the test, and they want to make sure that nothings going on to make that happen.
I’ll be waiting a few weeks for an appointment! I dont really want to go to be looked at, but I’ll go, because its caring for my body, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.
I’m really relieved though that all is good with the smear! Thats a huge relief!

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Eileen is better, yay! We texted her this morning, and she texted back and said she’s doing better, feeling better.

The kids are thrilled! They’d wanted to send her a text last night, but I said no. I thought she was probably too sick to get a text, and I was thinking she might not be in the mood for the kids so I wouldn’t allow them to text her.

So this morning they were like, lets text her! So we did!

She offered us a session tomorrow, but I couldn’t take it, as I have college at the time she offered us. I texted her and said I could do Thursday, but I don’t know if she can, but if she cant, its ok.

I’m just happy she’s feeling better again!

Its such a relief to know she’s ok!

Finally, my wasp problem is going to be fixed!

I just had a call from a local pest control place. The housing authority is going to pay to have my wasp issue sorted, and my neighbours also. Thank god! I am beyond happy about this. The guy from the pest control place said he will come out this afternoon. I am not home right now, and so I asked him if that matters, he said no. He said he’s going to spray the area and hopefully get at the nest. I told him my neighbour had been spraying with powder, as he said that is what he will use, but that she wasnt able to see th e nest. He said its probably in a vent, or behind the wood paneling on our windows. He asked me if the sun beats down on that area, and yes, it does. So he said thats why they’re there, heat draws them. Plus, I also have a big tree in my garden, with lots of flowers on it. After this is done, I think its time to cut it down! Anyway, thankfully he’ll be out this afternoon and he’ll sort it. And hopefully they’ll all be dead soon. He said within a matter of hours, they’d all be dead. I am happy the local city council is paying. I’m glad they did that. We thought they might not. But we’re renting from them, so its up to them to fix the problem. And I’m glad they will now. What a relief!

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college worry all sorted

So I’ve sorted out about my presentation. Remember I said we wouldnt be able to do it? Because of being in england at our cousins funeral?
Well, I had emailed two of my lecturers, the one whose teaching us and marking the presentations and also I had emailed my course coordinator. They hadnt gotten back to me.
Then this morning by chance, the coordinator was actually there. She was teaching us today. So I mentioned to her that I wasnt going to be there next week, I explained why, and she said that was fine, that I could do my presentation the following week.
I am so relieved! I was thinking I may lose out of marks, and get a lower grade, the presentation is worth 25 percent of the grade for the entire module. So I am glad I can now do it on the following week. Thats a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.
And one less thing to be worrying about. She said she had emailed me back, but I never got it. She told me to text her rather than emailing, as she answers texts quicker.
Good to know I guess.
I’m just glad its all sorted now. What a relief!

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