Good morning happy sunday!

Its sunday already, wow! Where has the weekend gone!
Anyway, a very good morning to you all, my lovely readers!
How are you today? Hows the weather in your part of the world? Here in ireland its dry, sunny and warm!
I’m feeling a little bit frazzled this morning!
I had weird dreams and I hate when that happens!
Its too early to get up so I’m gonna lay here in bed and read!

#SOCS-Directions for a chill evening!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “directions.”
Ok, not many they are, directions to chill out!
1. Pour a glass of wine.
2. Raid the fridge, see what good food there is to snack on.
3. Make your bedroom comfy.
4. Make sure your dog is close by.
5. Sit down, take a drink of your wine.
6. Snack, snack snack and enjoy the food!
7. Think about when the lockdown is all over, that you’ll go somewhere nice and sit on a beach and have a blast!
8. Take another slug of your wine! But dont let it go to your head!
9. Play some music, and dance.
10. Sing at the top of your lungs, as you dance, then sip on more wine, and then lay on your bed all comfy cosy and nod off!

Mid day ramble

I’ve had a quiet morning. I just cooked breakfast, I made sausages with toast. Then I watched an episode of evil online, and I was sorting out media files on my hard drive. Thats a work in progress. I decided to take a shower because I figured it would make me feel good, and it did. I put a nice ginger body spray on after it and ginger souflet body lotion. Its a lovely day here today, but I dont think I’ll go outside. I might, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I was thinking about going out in my back garden and reading my book, and bringing Nitro out there with me also. I’m nervous of insects and bees, but I might just try to spend even a half an hour out there. I’ve decided to treat us to a chinese meal for dinner, I’ll get it delivered. It can be an easter treat. I’m gonna go on facebook for a while now and see what the gossip is on there, catch up with family and friends. I hope your all having a nice saturday.
carol anne

Doing some self care

I did some self care stuff this afternoon. Now I feel so good and am glad I took time to myself!
I took advantage of having a bath at my parents house, and I took a nice, long bubble bath!
It was amazing! The water was so warm and I was able to totally relax in it. My muscles are feeling the benefits of it now!
Then I ate a nice dinner with my mom. We had steak, mashed potatos and broccoli and cauliflower mix. It was scrumptious. I put piri piri sauce on my steak and on my potatos, because I am totally addicted to it hahaha!
Now I think I’ll read for a while. I am reading a murder mystery by joanne fluke, its the first book in the Hannah swensen series, a chocolate chip cookie murder and its so good!
Have you done any self care today? Do share about it with me!
❤ 😀 xoxo

What day is it anyway? Tuesday March 24th

My day so far 3:22 PM!
I didnt get much sleep last night, maybe got about 2 hours, that was it. Surprisingly though I am not at all tired from lack of sleep!
My PA came this morning at 9 AM, and we took Nitro out for a walk. We walked for an hour. I felt so amazing when I arrived home. I think walking has really helped to boost my mood!
Other than my walk with Nitro, I havent done much today. A friend visited for an hour, it was nice to see her.
The plans for the evening are to chill with a book, watch some netflix and facetime with my friend sarah.
Are you having a good day?
Our governement is meant to make an announcement this afternoon about restrictions that are set to be put in place in ireland. Already they’ve said that schools will remain closed after March 29th, and all restaurants and cafes are to close their doors today. As for what else will be put in place, we’ll just have to wait and see what they’ll say.
I’ve decided though now that if we do go on complete lockdown today I’m staying here at home. I had a rethink, and it will be better if I stay at home. Especially so I can do my therapy sessions with eileen, and my conference calls with my slimming world group, and also working from my home is better than trying to work from my parents house.
I hope your all having a great day!