Tomorrow I can chill out, yay!

So tomorrow is going to be a chill day. I am so relieved! I’ve been so busy lately. I need a day or two to just chill out!

My moms going to come over for an hour or two and I am going to help her with her forms for disability, she says I am good at wording things, she needs to say how her COPD is effecting her life, and she wants me to help her word it correctly.

She’s bringing me lunch, some soup and a sandwich. Its homemade soup yum yum! She’s also cooking some chicken for me and seasoning it with hot korean pepper spices! I love them! I will have that for dinner with a baked potato.

I will have my PA coming in the evening tomorrow. She’ll just do some housework. Other than those two things, I can have a chill day, I will enjoy my relaxation time!

I napped again today, but that is fine, as no plans tomorrow or on thursday, so that gives me a little leeway to get my sleep back in order.

Me and Nitro are enjoying some quiet time now. I watched an episode of my 600 pound life on tv, it was so sad. The lady who was on it was 640 pounds, and she was trying to get weight loss surgery to help her lose some weight. She was only 34 years old.

Then I started watching abducted in plain sight, a documentary on net flicks, a true crime documentary. I only watched half of it, and will watch the other half tomorrow evening.

I will also watch operation transformation tomorrow evening, after my PA leaves. Ok well, I am off to make some tea! Emily wants a cup of tea and then we will read for a little while!

#Justjojan prompt for Jan. 6th

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 6th, 2020, is possibility. Use the word possibility any way youd like. Have fun!

the possibility
of my anxiety
going away
its not happening
not tonight
but I have hope
hope in my heart
that I’ll be able
to sleep
relax, breathe
with my dog by my side
snuggling into his soft fur
the anxiety disapates
and slowly, carefully
I allow myself
to think about
the possibility
of becoming calm
once again
Calm enough
That my heart rate goes down
My mind slows
And I might
ust might
be able to sleep


Thats what I’m doing today is relaxing. Enjoying a quiet afternoon at my parents house. We had dinner that my dad cooked. We had a nice roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatos, veg and mashed potatos. I was so stuffed after it. I’ve been messing online, downloading books, sorting out my files and doing email. Mom has to go to my dads aunts funeral this evening, well there is prayers tonight, the actual funeral is tomorrow. I’m not going, I dont like funerals and I never go to them unless its absolutely necessary. I am going to chill out here, maybe read, drink my tea and maybe watch something on tv. I was going to go to normas house, but I thought about it and decided not to, as if I went I’d probably find it very hard to get a taxi home again. Its crazy at christmas time, taxi’s are very scarce. I ended up booking my one for tomorrow morning to take me to slimming world, after that mom and me are going to go to my house so I can give my neighbour her present, and we want to make sure that all is ok at my house, mom wants to clean the yard, and empty the bins and stuff like that. So we’ll spend a few hours there before coming back to my parents house. This morning after I got up at 4:30 I thought I was up for the day but I went back to bed at around 6 AM and I fell asleep until 9:15. I was delighted that I slept a little bit longer. I feel better for it now.

Lazy Thursday

Well todays been a lazy day. I layed in bed until 11 AM this morning. I did get up at 7:30 to see to Nitro, feed him, let him out but then I went right back to bed. I even slept which was cool. When I woke up I didnt do much, I’ve been on the computer, watching tv, listening to the radio, reading my book. My friend came over this afternoon, she wanted me to see if I could fix her phone. I wasnt able to though. She did get it sorted in the end which was good. I hate when I cant do something, and I tried for ages to see if I could get her phone to work. After she left, I cooked dinner, and then I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to facetime Sarah but she was too tired, so we might facetime later. I’m a bit anxious right now, I think its lingering anxiety from Lisa, and Emily. I am so glad they both spoke to Eileen earlier. That was really good and it helped them a lot. The anxiety is much less now than it was earlier, but its still there. I’m probably not going to sleep very well tonight. We’ll see but right now it doesnt look likely. It was so good of Eileen to get back to us. We can always count on her. So grateful for that. Good therapists are so hard to come by these days, I’m so glad we’ve got an awesome one.

Relaxing in the bubbles!

in the bath
bubbles everywhere
sinking into this feeling
of pure bliss
soft bubbles
warm water
envelopes me
taking all my troubles
the anxiety disapates
its no longer there
all because
I got into
A nice, hot bubble bath

Quiet Sunday

Its been a quiet day for me today. I didnt get up to too much. I just relaxed.

I had dinner at my parents, my dad cooked a roast. It was delicious.

After dinner, mom went with me to my house. She spent about 2 hours here. She did a few things for me that needed to be done around the house. I am so glad that she can help me out. Its so nice of her to do stuff for me. We sat and chatted for a bit, then I rang her a taxi for her to get home. The taxi took ages to arrive. Eventually it did though and she got safely home.

I decided to face time Sarah in colorado then. We got on the phone and chatted and before I knew it we’d been on for over 2 hours. We sure know how to talk up a storm! We had a great chat about books, and about did and other things. It was a lot of fun.

Now I am just chilling out for a while. Its pouring down outside. I am glad I am indoors. I tried to let Nitro out to do his business but he refused. Guess he doesnt like the rain lol.

I have the radio on as I am typing this. I’m enjoying listening to it. I might watch a bit of tv in a little while and then read before going to sleep.