sunday morning!

I woke up at 6:45. I got up as I couldnt stay in bed any longer. I slept well last night which was nice. I was wrecked so went to bed early. I am glad I did. I feel great today! My sister will be coming to mom and dads for sunday lunch, with the kids. Her partner is in prague for the weekend, so he wont be here. After dinner she’ll drop me to my own house. I plan on having a quiet evening. Chill out do nothing! Just read, blogs and my book, which I am loving! I am reading one child by torey hayden. Its a great book. I will review it once I am done! I really have had a lovely weekend. Its been quiet and relaxed just how I like it. I have a busy week ahead so its good I had down time this weekend. I just got done cooking some food for the week. I made a big pot of vegetable soup. I also made a chicken curry. I wont go hungry thats a sure thng! I will also get my speed in with all the veg in the soup! I hope it will pay off and I will have lost weight when I go back to slimming world! Well now I am off to have a nice long soak in a bubble bath! Happy sunday everyone!


What are your plans?

Good morning all!
How are you all on this wet Tuesday? Well its wet here, very very wet!
What are your plans for today? Mine are to relax this morning, and then go volunteering in the afternoon.
I’d love to hear all about yours!
But now, I am off to have a nice cup of coffee! I need it!
Although, I did sleep well last night! Still not emotionally well though, but motoring on through anyway despite it!

I slept well last night!

I must have really needed sleep! I slept yesterday afternoon after mom left for hours. I woke up around 9 PM, I stayed up then for a little while, but at around 11:30 I got tired again so decided to go back to bed. I went back to bed and I actually fell asleep right away! And I slept right through until 6:30 this morning!
Thats unheard of for me! I never sleep that much! So I must have been tired! Well I am happy I did. I am feeling good this morning. I woke up and made coffee, and am ready to start my day now!
No plans today other than just chill out at home. Was planning on visiting my friend norma but she’s busy so I will have to wait until next week to visit her.
So I think its just going to be a day of relaxation!


Mom came over today

I spent the morning with my awesome mom!

she cooked for me, she made a big pot of vegetable soup. I will have it for a few days, so I will definitely get in my speed for this week with all that veg! She also made me a stir fry for dinner today. Vegetable stir fry with chicken in it too.We also cooked some chicken breasts and marinated them in hot sauce, yum! I definitely wont go hungry, thats for sure!

We also did a little decluttering. We cleaned out a few drawers in my bedroom! I found some lip glosses and foot cream that were there for god knows how long! So I threw them out! I also had some unused coloring books that our kids didnt want which I will give to my cousins, and there were a few toys that our kids will give away because we are trying to teach them about giving to others who are less fortunate than they are!

After all that cleaning and cooking I needed a drink so I made a cinamon tea! Yummy! I love cinamon tea! Its one of my favourites. I already took a shower this morning before mom got here, otherwise I’d take another one now since I feel sweaty and hot!

It has been a nice few hours though. I had a nice time. It was very relaxed. Mom is so tired now though. She said she’s going to go home and eat and then have a long hot bubble bath.

I am going to nap for a while I think. I need an hour or two to recover. Maybe I will also read. Thats if I dont fall asleep first!


My relaxing day!

I did nothing today. In fact I slept for most of it. I never went to my awards ceremony. I felt kinda ick this morning when I woke up. So I canceled it and the tutor is going to post my certificates out to me. I am glad I canceled it. I went back to bed after breakfast and I actually slept. And the way my sleep has been lately, I’ll take all the rest I can get. I enjoyed the rest. Nitro came on the bed with me and we snuggled up and he slept too. It was so nice. I only got up at around 5 PM. I made dinner, I had leftovers, chicken curry. It was good. I only had to nook it in the microwave. I ate and now I am just enjoying a relaxing evening. I have been going through email and watching TV. The Coordinator from college emailed us, she sent on her slides, and the module descriptor for the first module, and a time table. Now I need to try to find out how I can convert powerpoint slides into a word document. I am not worrying about it tonight though. I’ll worry about it over the weekend. I plan on spending the night just relaxing. I have my PA amanda coming in the morning, and I will be going to the gym. I will also be doing some cleaning around the house. Then I go volunteering in the afternoon.
Well I hope your all having a nice day! ❤


#SoCs and JusJoJan for Jan 5th, sip!

That first sip of my cup of tea, yum! I need it too this morning!

I have a hangover! Oh no! I only had one drink last night, so how could I have a hangover? I really dont know how that happened!

I didnt sleep too good either. Sigh. I couldnt settle. I kept scrolling on my phone, scrolling on fb. And replying to email!

Now, 3 cups of tea later, I’m starting to feel human again.

At least I dont have to be anywhere today, or do anything, I can just relax. I was going to head home to my own house today from mom and dads, but my sister offered to take me tomorrow instead. So I opted to stay another night. I will save some money on taxi fares if she takes me.

So now its just a day for resting! Kicking back and relaxing!


Cuz I want her to be proud of me!

I emailed my therapist. I emailed to tell her my good news!
I wanted to share it with her. But more than that, I want her to be proud of me. I know she will be, so whether she actually responds to my email or not…I will know she got it and read it, and is proud of me!
That is enough. I am happy that I can email her. I am happy to be able to share my great news with the person I trust the most in the world!
She might not respond to me at all, if she does it will be awesome! Im not hoping that sh e will though. If she does, then it will be a huge surprise!
Im kinda a hot mess right now! Im not sure why. I just feel pretty agitated. I am still super excited though about getting a place on the course!
Just gotta try to stay calm! Deep breaths, carol anne!
And coffee, which is probably making me more agitated!