Quiet day ahead

I have a quiet day ahead!

I am thrilled! Nothing to do but just stay home. Enjoy the peace.

I love days like this. I can just relax, and breathe.

I rescheduled my apt to see my resource worker for the blind. We rescheduled it for next week.

Today is going to be my rest day as tomorrow I am super busy again.

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Relax and recharge

Relax and refuse to let worry and stress rule your life. There is always a solution to every problem. Things will work out for you when you take time to relax, refresh, restore and recharge your soul.
Lailah Gifty Akita

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The river, word of the day challenge

I sit beside the river
as it flows
the sound mezmorizing

Its so loud
It could deafen you
But I love it

I sit on the bank
Happy, content
Wondering, will I dip my toes?

Next thing I know
My shoes and socks are off
And I start to put my feet in

Its so cold
But so inviting
I paddle for a while

All thoughts and stresses put aside
As I sit, transfixed
By the feel of the cool water on my skin

I sit for a while longer
Relaxed, breathing in nature
Until I notice the time

Oh how time has flown by
Standing, I inhale, remembering everything about this special trip
Slowly then, I turn to go

This day by the river
It has been incredible
For my soul


Music Monday challenge!

So the word of the day blog has a new musical challenge each Monday!
I thought today I’d participate in it!
The challenge is to write a story or poem on what you are feeling when you hear the piece of music that is provided!
Heres what I wrote today!

Relaxed, serene
Peaceful, calm
Happy, content
This is bliss
Life is good


Happy Saturday to all!

Happy Saturday everyone! Good morning!
I hope you all have a fantastic day today! What are your plans?
Mine are well…not much at all!
I might go out, weather permitting, I am thinking of maybe going to the beach and walking on the beach. That way I get in my exercise! But we shall see! First the weather needs to cooperate!
If I don’t do that and if the weather is bad, I will just chill out at home well at my mom and dads!
Either way it is going to be a very relaxed day!
And I slept well too so yay! So happy!
I hope you all enjoy your Saturday! And whatever you do, have fun!

Sunday funday

so im having an amazing sunday here. a quiet morning. doing not much of anything. just enjoying the peace and quiet of mom and dads house. relaxing, taking things easy.
i have to go to the store in a little while. I need to buy fruit for the week. fruit, and milk, and vegetables for todays dinner. we mom and me, we will walk to the store. we’re going to walk further than the store though, we said we’d take the long way around. just to get a walk in.
then later this afternoon I am going to go to my friend normas house. she asked me to come over since we havent seen each other in a while now. so at around 4 PM I will go there. I have the taxi booked to take me there.
until then I am just going to enjoy my sunday. I will enjoy dinner of roast chicken, roast potatos, and mashed potatos, and peas and I am buying some cauliflower to have as well.
what are you doing on this sunday?