Today was a do nothing sorta day

And I badly needed it!
I slept in late, really, really late. I didnt get out of bed until after 1 this afternoon! I was glad to be able to just stay in bed and relax. I havent been sleeping great so I caught up on my rest.
I’ve done nothing all day today besides read, eat, read some more, go online, and make a few phone calls.
I feel all the better for having a chill sorta day!
Tomorrows looking like it will be more of the same, but my mom is coming over, and we might go spend my gift voucher that my sister got me for christmas. She got me a voucher to a clothing store I love, so I might go see what their sale is like and see if I can pick up a few bits to wear.
Maybe I’ll even model what I get for photos and post the pics on here!
We’ll see. If I feel like it I just might do that.
Other than that, me and mom are probably just going to hang out, chat, and mom wants to help me do a few bits around the house, plus she will clean my yard, thank god I have her to do that for me! I never know where Nitro goes because he usually doesnt stick to the same spot!
I had to text Eileen too earlier, I forgot the time of our session on Tuesday! She texted me back and told me and so the panic was averted!
And of course it was great to connect with her!
Thankful for therapy on tuesday and happy to be seeing Dr. Barry on Monday!

I am home!

I am home in my own house now. I went home an hour or so ago. Mom is here with me for a few hours. She’s doing a few things for me around my house.

The taxi driver we got wasnt a bit impressed with Nitro. Well, thats his problem, not mine. By law he has to take a guide dog. Nitro is shedding, and when he got out of the taxi he left tons of hairs on the mat. What can I do? There really is nothing I can do about it.

Now that I am home, mom is putting away my groceries for me, and then she has to take apart my old TV equipment, while she’s doing that I have to arrange for a delivery crowd to pick up the equipment on tuesday.

I put my heat on right away when I got in. The house is freezing, since there was no heat on all weekend.

Feels so good to be home! Me and Nitro are going to just relax this evening. I may face time with my friend Sarah in colorado if she’s up for that.

Its almost the weekend!

And I am so thrilled!
I love my weekends! I work today in the afternoon. Then I will go to my parents until Sunday.
I have college work to do this weekend, I have my learner log to write up, its only 800 words though so I shouldnt be too long writing it.
Other than that I am going to cook with mom on saturday, we’re making a slimming world friendly chicken curry, yum!
Right now I am preparing to go to my GP’s to have bloods taken! My pa frances will be here at 9 to take me.
Happy Friday everyone!


This is how to relax

I’ve had the most amazing relaxing bubble bath this morning, I’m really making the most of my time here in Killarney. My aunt brought some essential oils, and I decided to have a nice relaxing bath. I cant remember which oils she has, but OMG they are beautiful, and so, so relaxing. Every muscle of my body felt relaxed. I stayed in the bath for ages. Just soaking up the atmosphere. It was bliss. Now I feel relaxed, my stress is released, and there is no tension in my body whatsoever. this is the life.


How to destress

what do you do
when your head is in a mess
how to destress
advice, please?
who am I kidding
I should learn
To take my own advice
Now I shall
Take a long
Hot bubble bath
Read my book
and chill out
Tomorrows another day


Chill out day at home

I’m having a day at home today. A chill out sorta day.

I was going to go in to the basement club, but then I decided I wouldnt. I need a day of rest, a mental health day. I need that very badly.

I shall just sit in my PJ’s all day, watching trashy tv. Maybe read a little. And maybe drink a lot of tea and coffee too lol.

I love trashy daytime tv! Its fun to browse around the channels and see what you find! Maybe I’ll watch an episode or two of my favourite court judge, judge judy!

Yay I think I’m going to enjoy my chill day of relaxing bliss!