My partner!

i cant sleep. i’ve been thinking about my partner jess, whose currently residing in a psychiatric residential facility, a long term care facility. she’s been there for a couple of years. and i havent heard from her in a few months. so i decided to call her tonight. i couldnt reach her on the residents phone line. so i rang the main reception and the person who took my call said that they were cleaning the dining room right now so she told me to call back in 30 minutes. so i will. i really would like to talk to her and check up on her and make sure she’s ok. i miss her tons lately. its so hard not talking to her on a regular basis. like we used to. we used to talk every day numerous times a day when she wasnt in the psych facility, we’d spend hours on the phone or we’d email a lot back and forth to one antoher. i hope she doesnt think i dont think of her or that i dont care. i do care very much. its just so hard. so hard when half the time the residents phone isnt answered. hoping i can get through to her in a little while. fingers crossed. I’ll be so happy if i do.
carol anne


100 days of healing. Day 1

today, I bonded some with my mom. Our relationship hasnt always been the best mother daughter kind of relationship. WE’ve struggled to maintain a positive relationship over the years.
its gotten a lot better though these last 3 or 4 years. for that I am so grateful.
today we spent quality time together talking, laughing, and most importantly having fun. And I know she is there for me no matter what, she cares, she loves me like a mom should.
Thanks, mom. I love you



I’m sitting here
wondering in fear
is something wrong
cant get in touch
havent spoken to you much in weeks
when this sort of thing happens
its not a good sign
tried to call
tried to text
with no success
wondering, are you ok?
or is it just another day
in the life
of someone
in a psych residential facility?

wrote this because I am thinking about my partner tonight, i cant get through to her, lately. I’ve called and texted a number of times, she’s currently in a residential psych facility in the USA.
I hope she’s ok…hoping nothings wrong…