Good therapy versus bad therapy?

Over my life I’ve had many therapists.  Since age 17 I’ve been in some form of psychotherapy.  Over the years I’ve learned the difference between good and bad therapy.  The therapist I have now is wonderful.  She is experienced, well versed in trauma, trained in EMDR, kind, compassionate, has good boundaries, is gentle, a good listener, lets me lead the therapy process, and so so much more.  I’ve also had a therapist who was the complete opposite and was extremely bad for me and did a lot of damage.  She had pretty lose boundaries, she treated me more like her friend than her client, she did not let me lead therapy, she told me too much info about herself, her life, her family, info that I did not need to know.  She pretty much made the sessions all about her.  I did not feel heard or listened to at all.  And this therapist was a psychologist who’d been working in the field for 20 plus years.  I feel it is so very important to have a good therapist.  It really does make all the difference when your trying to heal.  After all, your therapist is the one person who you should be able to completely and fully open up to.  Feeling safe in therapy is key.