reading with eileen!

dis is lexi
gess wat?
eileen said shed read to us
next week we’re gona bring ar new book
tha one sarah got us fir crismas
its a book bout bein brave
and i cant wait for eileen ta read it ta us
she said if we bring ar recorder
ar digital recorder
then we can record her readin it
yay dat wil be so neat
cuz i love wen eileen reads ta us
it fils so safe
it makes me hapy
so next week we’ll have a fun time
and we can sit next to eileen
and she can read tha book ta us
and then i can wrap up in her warm soft blanky
and it wil be so neat
love frum
lexi six

A new book for Eileen to read to us!

Carol anne just bought us a new book for Eileen to read to us when she gets back from her work trip.

I cant wait! I love hearing her read to us! It feels so safe.

The book is about anger. Its called everybody feels angry. And its about dealing with feelings of anger.

Carol anne said it will especially be good for me to read this one with Eileen since I deal with a lot of anger. I love when Eileen reads to me cuz she explains things in the book, like pictures and stuff. And as she reads we talk about feelings!

Its pretty cool! Now I am excited for the 19th to come so I can read with her!

The book is gonna be delivered on the 15th! Yay!

So happy to have a new book to read!