am sorted now with groceries

So this morning I went grocery shopping with my PA. I was thinking there would be massive cues and that I’d have to wait for a long time in the cue but I didnt have to. In fact there wasnt a cue at all. I went in the hours set aside for the vulnerable and the disabled. I am glad I did that. I got everything I needed, spent 50 euro. I even managed to get toilet rolls. Yay. I got milk, bread, butter, sausages, mashed potato, turkey, yogurts, fruit, baked beans, and of course my sour cream and onion pringles and my ben and jerrys ice cream. Couldnt do without those hahaha! I got other stuff as well but there was so much that I forgot what I got now lol. We were in and out of the store within 50 minutes, I was so pleased. Of course I did write a list before going and I stuck to it. a list is always good, you can run around then get what you need and go. I even had a 10 euro voucher off so I was delighted when I got a discount. I came out, got a taxi, and went to the vets on my way home to pick up Nitro’s dog food. So that was my outing for the day, now I’ll be indoors for the rest of the day and probably until Friday. I doubt I’ll go anywhere until then. I am planning on walking Nitro on friday morning. He needs a good run.

Woke up in a bit of a func!

I am in a bit of a bla mood today! I woke at 6, made a cup of tea, decided to just lay in bed and put the radio on, it was way too early to get up!
I managed to fall back to sleep until about 8:30. Then I called my mom. Thats what I do every morning, it would feel so weird if I didnt talk to her first thing!
I decided then to stay in bed for a while longer, and now I am regretting it!
I feel so lethargic! I knew I should’ve just gotten up! I eventually did, at 10:30, made more tea, and now I’m just on the computer reading blogs.
I figure its going to be a very slow day!
I am waiting for my sister to come over! She’ll either be over in between jobs, or else she’ll come right after she gets done with work.
She’s gonna clean the dog poop in the yard, what a nice job, not! Lol!
I have to work, but I so dont want to!
I am just not feeling it today!
Ga I hate days like this!


Rory’s daily 4!

I am participating in Rorys daily four! I love answering random questions, so here goes!

Todays Questions to the Readers are.

What are you truly passionate about?
Animal welfare, writing, reading, childrens rights, raising awareness of mental illness
Have you ever experienced or suffered from writers block?
Yes. Not too often but occasionally I do. I hate when it happens.
Are you happy?
Mostly I am. I try to be happy but sometimes life gets me down, I am a happy person though, by nature.
Do you ever experience stress?

I do. A fair bit. I think most of us do though dont we? You cant get away from it. Its always around the corner. Its what we do with the stress that counts.