I have visitors! Unwelcome ones at that!

Guys! I am ready to totally freak out, anyone up for a lodger? Some company and a long term visitor? hahaha! 😀
I came home today and what did I see? Or more to the point its what my mom saw as we walked in my gate?
Wasps! It looks like there might be a nest! Outside my bedroom window!
Omg! I am terrified guys! Terrified of all bugs, but especially of wasps and bees!
This is my worst nightmare come true!
I had this problem last year, but I thought they’d gone! I thought they’d disappeared! My neighbour said she heard that if you buy a fake nest, and put it near where they are, that they think its a real one and dont nest there any more! But well I am not sure if that actually works or not its just what she said! She said she’d try it and if it works she’d get one for me too!
But Omg! I am like, is this actually happening? Nooo! It cant be!
I just hope I can do something quickly to get rid of them! I dont want them there all summer! I cant open my window now in case they fly in!
I am planning on calling my local council, to see if someone will come out to fix this for me! But they’re so slow! You could ring them today and they may not return a call for days! I cant wait that long!
Anyone know anything about wasps nests? It doesnt actually look like a nest, but there were about 20 of them flying around by my window today, but when mom checked she couldnt see a nest of them, so I am hoping there isnt actually a huge nest of them there. maybe its just a few of them or well I dunno, I am just hoping!
I’m so scared guys! You cannot believe how petrified of wasps I am!
I am terrified! Pray for me if you pray that I can resolve this soon!

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