2 AM, having coffee and chocolate chunk cookies

Its 2 AM! I am awake, because I fell asleep earlier, around 6 PM!

I lay down to read, and I went out like a light!

So now I am up! I woke at 11 PM!

I am listening to the repeat of a local talk show on the radio, and I am drinking coffee and eating chocolate chunk cookies.

The cookies are so good!

They are a new brand I bought last week, and I will definitely be buying them again!

My heart has stopped fluttering, thankfully.

I have therapy this morning at 10 AM! Am looking forward to our session!

I will probably talk a lot about losing Nitro and my grief around that.

I also am working today on friendly call.

And my PA Trish will come at 3 Pm for 2 hours!

We’re cooking baby potatoes, chicken keeve, and baked beans.

Chicken Keeve is a type of chicken breast, with breading on it, filled with garlic sauce.

It’s really good!

Ok, better go drink the rest of my coffee, take a shower, and then read!

Good night all!