Blog to visit mental health treatment review please go over and take a look follow and submit some reviews!

this is a post that my friend Sam wrote about our new venture, a new blog called mental health treatment review. I hope some of you will go over and take a look, maybe follow it, and also submit some reviews to myself and sam for publication!

The post is below.

Hey everyone,

So the mentalhealth treatment review blog is up! I did connect with Faith from EDTR she is currently busy and dealing with migrains.

But Im excited to get started.

Basically eating disorder treatment review is a site where consumers who have actually gone through these programs can respectfully post and good and the bad. Its a huge success and very organized.

Theres so much out there for mental healthcare. And how can you get through the maze of it without hearing from other consumers? And its so hard then when those around you have no idea about it either.

My hope for this blog is that we have as many different programs (residential, outpatient, long term) and therapists that we can world wide. Then a huge amount of information positive or constructive is available.

Robert and Karol Anne are admins. Hopefully faith will be soon. Dont know her well and dont want to impose. But she is the role model here.

So please take a look. Let me know if you like the guidelines/ questions. Totally borrowed off EDTR. The only reviews up so far are ones done by me to get the idea and since I would obviously review places Ive been to.

So would just love feedback. And if people want I can start a post about a certain place which then you would review under in the comments section.

You could be anonymous or give your name up to you. The important thing is that information gets out there.