Sleep finally came!

I ended up only falling asleep at 7 AM. I slept until 8:30. Then I got up as I had therapy at 10.
Therapy went well. We got a lot of things worked on. I felt it was a good session. However I am drined now. After therapy I slept again for another few hours. I only got up at 12:30.
I started doing my calls and I worked for about 90 minutes, now I’m done. I have the rest of the afternoon free so I shall be reading and relaxing in front of the tv.
Its really wet outside again today. The forecast did say there would be showers though. They are really heavy!
So far today I feel semi-okish. My anxiety is at a low level right now. I have a check in call from my CPN Sarah this afternoon. She’s just checking in with me after the weekend.
Hope you all have a lovely Monday!