Awakened by thunder and rain

Its 5 AM! I got awakened by heavy rain, and now its also thundering, the kids are very triggered, I am trying to comfort them, nitro is also a little unsettled by the noise, so its a bit of a disaster here, and I am crabby because I am still tired.

I need a coffee and maybe then I’ll perk up! I did let nitro out in between the showers, but I hated having to stand by the back door in the dark. It bothered me.

I turned on the radio for a while to drown out the noise. Normally I like the sound of rain but not tonight, tonight there is too much going on, and I cant listen to it.

I might read for a while when things settle down, if they do settle down.

Now though off to make a nice cup of coffee and maybe catch up on some blog reading!

Hurricane Lorrenzo what the hell!

Well, the storm wasn’t even that bad!
It wasn’t half as bad as we thought it would be! All those weather warnings for nothing! There was some rain and wind, but nothing substantial.
The coast got it worse than the city, but still it wasn’t even bad at all!
Its dry outside now, the rain fell this morning, and the wind was blowing and whipping up a little then too.
All the worry for nothing! And so many people were doing everything they could to get ready for this storm! We even had a yellow weather advisory in place.
Don’t get me wrong, of course I am very happy that it wasn’t bad and that my power didn’t go out. I am also happy that there was no thunder or lightning.
I’m just like meh! This is crazy! Worrying people and for what?
Just goes to show they can be wrong! The weather people aren’t always right!

Storm warning

A storm is coming to ireland tomorrow and friday. Hurricane lorrenzo!

We arent actually getting a hurricane, we’re getting the tale end of it, of what was hurricane lorrenzo which battered the atlantic.

We’ll have heavy rain and high winds. A status yellow weather warning is in effect from tomorrow evening at 6 PM until 3 AM on Friday morning.

Before 6 Pm it is going to rain heavily too I think. I wont be out in it as I am not going outside my front door tomorrow. I am staying put.

I hope our power doesnt go out. Thats what I am most nervous about. I hate when the electricity goes off.

Please keep me in your thoughts that I’ll get through it ok. I’m sure I will, but some prayers and good vibes would be nice. I’d appreciate them.