radio interview

so this afternoon i took part in a radio interview with clodagh the head tutor on the ILS course.
the interview was about abode, doorway to life, which is the name of the organisation that runs the ILS course, and that also provides my respite service to me.
we were discussing the overall organisation structure and all of the services that they offer.
the interview took place on phoenix fm, which is a dublin radio station and the show was called access all areas, which is a weekly show for the disabled, if you want to check the interview out just google phoenix fm access all areas and you should be able to find the podcast link, its march 15th’s show your looking for.
The interview lasted about 20 minutes. It was really good.
I enjoyed taking part in it.
carol anne

on the up

so things with this headcold are looking up finally.
I am feeling a lot better. I have a little bit of a cough. but nothing major. I think its just the mucus breaking up in my lungs.
My nose is still a little bit blocked. But overall I am feeling a lot better. I think it helped that I was able to rest for the afternoon yesterday, and then last night when I got home from slimming world I went straight to bed and straight to sleep. Its 4 AM now. Just woke about half an hour ago.
At least I can breathe again now! That really makes a huge difference.
Today I’m being interviewed for a radio programme. The main tutor on the ILS course is being interviewed also. She asked me if I’d do the interview with her. The show we are being interviewed for is a show for people with disabilities.
am kinda nervous but also very excited about it.