Weekly wrap up

So another weeks over. And mines been a pretty good one!

Heres what happened for me this pas week.

I had a great therapy session on MOnday.
At the ILS course, I Finished my personal effectiveness module and started my interpersonal skills module.
I took part in a radio interview at the ILS course.
I lost 3 and a half pounds, got slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month.
I was sick this week too but am slowly recovering now.
I had some great conversations with some great friends.
I cooked baked cannelonni and burritos for the first time.
I made sure to do some self care activities.
I finished another book and started a new one.
I got the opportunity to train two visually impaired people on how to use their laptop and I phone.
I volunteered for friendly call and enjoyed doing that.
I got some great feedback from my tutors at my weekly review for the ILS course.

So all in all I’d say its been a fabulous week!

Heres to another one next week!