How would you end this sentence?

I have to admit to having once…

My answer?

Stole a bra from walmart. But I didnt shop lift it. What happened was I was visiting the US and my partner. We were in walmart grocery shopping, and I told her I needed a new bra, so we went and looked, I got one, picked it up and hung it on the shopping cart.
We kept walking around the store, picking up items, and eventually when we were done shopping we went up to the cashier to pay.
we payed for everything, but yes, you guessed it, we never took the bra off the cart, and so we never payed for that.
we didnt notice anything until we were walking out of the store. then we noticed that oh my god, the bra, we never payed for it, and it was still there hanging off the cart.
I suppose we could have gone back and handed it in but we were nervous in case we did that, and they didnt believe our story and called the cops.
so we just walked out, with a bra that wasnt payed for.
Its a fond memory now, but OMG i was panicking at the time, in case I’d be caught!

What about you? What have you done?
carol anne

Question of the day

Do you have a good relationship with your gp?
I dont see my gp too often. But when I do see him, I have a pretty good relationship with him.
He’s very thorough. He will always thoroughly examine me and he leaves no stones unturned when it comes to diagnosing your illness.
The one down side is its very very hard to get in to see him. If your sick and need an appointment you might be waiting a while to get one. I often have to see his partner In the practice because my gp is totally booked out.
I am glad though that I have a doctor who is good. It really does make all the difference.
How about you? Do you like your gp?

Question of the day

Have you ever been to new york? What did you do there?

I went to new york about six years ago. when I was there I did so many things. I went with family. We went to the wax museum. We went to central park, and went ice skating. We went to a huge macy’s store which had about 10 floors, the big toys are us store, and other stores in the city. We went to jersey gardens, which is a huge shopping mall. We went to see mama mia on broadway, and we also saw west side story on broadway. We went to see ground zero. We had a lot of fun there. It was an amazing city.

what about you, have you ever been there?

Question of the day

What’s your favourite type of sandwich?

Mine is ham and cheese, although right now I rarely eat cheese, since i started my diet.
I also love a bread roll with hot chicken, spicy of course, mayo and cheese in it.
so what is yours?
carol anne