Question of the day

What is your favourite type of fast food?

My answer? Well not that I am eating much of it now, but I used to like this take away place near where I live called donatellos, they do pizzas, burgers, bagettes, etc etc. I liked their chili cheese fries and there chili cheese burgers. Nowadays I dont eat much fast food at all, but I’ve promised myself that if I can go through august with no take away food eaten, I’ll get myself some from a place called soba, an asian street food place, I like their beef and black bean, and its only 10 syns on the slimming world plan, so thats a bonus! As I am allowed 15 syns a day!
carol anne


Saturday Q and A

what was your favourite childhood toy?

My answer, well, it was my baby doll! she was like the size ofa new born. she was cloth but she had rubber arms and legs. i used to play moms and dads with my best friend and we’d have hours of fun wheeling our babies in dolls prams or buggies all around the neighbourhood. i used to dress her up in real baby clothes too! she was so cool and I had her for years! I think I had her until I was about 11 or 12. And until she fell apart.