Alter post, Carol anne, Curiosity killed the cat

Its me, Carol anne. I hope all of you are doing well on this Wednesday evening. I’m not doing too hot myself. Todays a trigger date for us.
curiosity killed the cat, Isnt that what they say? I am a little curious myself this evening. Why, you might ask?
Well heres the thing. I just got home from my dr. barry appointment. It was a great apt as always. But she told me something that has me all like um, curious?
You know how they had the case conference last week? Where they presented on my case and had a discussion afterwords on did and on us and our treatment?
Well dr. Barry told the junior doctors we had a blog. And after the conference was over, one of the junior doctors searched it out. And read some of it. I’m honoured and intrigued all at the same time. Dr. Barry said they were curious and that is why they searched us out. But I’d like to know how they found us. They had no idea of the blogs name, because dr. Barry didnt know the name of it. I only gave her that info today. So I am like ok, what did that junior doc google to find me? I wanna know! Thank you to the junior doctor whoever you are for taking the time to read our words, and I hope it enlightened you and you maybe learned something that you may not have known about did or how therapy for did works or if you learned something from our writings about dr. barry, then thats great. I’m all for educating the junior doctors about did and I wanna try to make them better doctors. If reading my blog helps you to be a better doctor then I’m delighted. But please say hello! I asked doctor barry who you were, but she didnt tell me. She just said I didnt know you because you were new to the junior doctor team. Well mr or mrs junior doc, hi, its very nice to meet you. Now its my turn to be curious about who you are and how you found me. Do say hi if you would like to.
What do you all, my readers think of this development? I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.