Bad news regarding PA hours

Yesterday during my Dr Barry appointment Karen the social worker came in to the appointment to, she had some bad news for me regarding my PA hours. There was a meeting last week and they decided that they weren’t going to give me any more hours. The reason? Default I was too independent. These are people who have never met me and you don’t even know me. They don’t know the first thing about me or my life only what they’ve seen written in letters. Everyone who has written letters for me has given me a really good letters of support. I’m very surprised that this decision was made. Actually on second thoughts? No, I’m not surprised at all. The hate Jesse who are the people who are supposed to be funding the hours are very slow to give money to anyone. A friend of mine who is blind has 40 hours a week. Karen said yesterday her issue was that there are not two types of blindness so if they’re giving it to one person why can’t they give the hours to me too. She said we would appeal the decision. I’m not looking for to that process. I think it will be a long and very drawn out process. When she told me yesterday about the news that they weren’t going to give me any more hours I kind of shut down. I found it very difficult to speak to put into words what I wanted to say. Both Dr Barry and Karen were very understanding. They realised that this was very hard for me to hear. They knew I was counting on getting extra hours and extra support. No I’m just going to have to face harder in order to get the help that I need. Nothing new I suppose. It’s always the same when you’re disabled, you have to fight for everything. I wish it would’ve been different but I’m ready for the face. I’m ready to take on the Hache SE so I hope they’re ready for a battle. Sorry there are some mistakes in this post I was dictating it from my phone and dictation doesn’t always work in my favour, I think Siri doesn’t understand my accent sometimes. I just wanted to write the post quickly that is why I dictated it. Have therapy in an hour, apprehensive about that. Not sure what we are going to talk about today, there is a lot to talk about though. Just don’t know where to start. Have been reading my book for the last half an hour. It’s getting really good, it’s the new Cathy Glass book can I let you go. I’d better go and start getting ready, will write more later.