I dont know what I’m meant to have done

A good friend of mine, or she was, has blocked me, she has blocked my phone number from calling her. I know this because when I call from my mobile, her phone rings once and then cuts off. And when I call from my landline, which is not listed in the phone book so comes up an an unknown number, her phone rings as normal but she doesnt answer me.
I’m not sure what I’m supposed to have done, and its very upsetting to me. Its triggering me too, as being ignored was part of my abuse and really effects me.
I know she has mental health difficulties, and this could be down to her voices, she does hear voices, and they are mostly negative voices, so maybe she’s heard one telling her to block me? I just dont know.
Either way we havent talked since last Tuesday which is very unusual as we mostly talk every day or we used to.
I wish I knew what was going on.
I’ve been a good friend to her, I’ve supported her through a lot, and I feel bad and upset that this is how she’s treating me. I’ve tried texting her also but my messages dont go through, another way and reason I know she has blocked my number.
I suppose there isnt a lot I can do, but I just want an explanation, dont I deserve that at least?