Here is where I define passive aggressive, listen up!

We’ve all experienced the passive aggressive person. Fun times.

Truthfully, we’re probably all a little guilty of being passive aggressive at some point. So what does it mean to be passive aggressive exactly?

I have decided to break it down letter by letter and if you’re a habitual passive aggressive, you’re not going to like how I break it down…but you’re not going to tell me…at least not to my face. 😉

P– Petty. That’s right I said it. It’s petty behaviour.

A– Angry. Chances are there is some anger built up with no healthy outlet.

S– Silent treatment. The weapon of choice.

S– Subtle. It’s not easy to pick up on passive aggressive behaviour right away.

I– Internal. Look, we can’t read your mind OK? Just say it!

V– Volatile. We’re walking on eggshells around you. Just how you like it.

E– Evolving. Into a monster. If you engage it, denial will ensue. Just run the other way!

A- Annoying. So, so annoying. Oh and answering a question with another question.

G- Gradually, it will bring you down. Again, do not engage the passive aggressive!

G- Gutless. Need I say more?

R- Rampant. It’s everywhere. Like a weed. Ready to choke the life out of you.

E- Edited. You never quite get the full story with the passive aggressive.

S- Sarcastic. A go to for the passive aggressive. Nothing hides anger like jaded humour! 😀

S- Saintlike. Who? Me? NEVER. You’ve got me all wrong! Maybe the issue is you? Ugh…

I- Inept. At handling their emotions in a healthy way, if at all.

V- Vain. The ego plays a huge role in passive aggressive behaviour.

E- Exacting. The passive aggressive knows exactly what they are doing and you will never reach the carrot they’re dangling in front of you. Please note: That carrot is rotten anyway. Just move on!