To my psychiatrist

To my psychiatrist

doctor tell me, what do you see

what do you see when you look at me

am I just another patient

just another case

just another name without a face

you just write me a prescription and go on your way

not even listening to what I have to say

one day I’m borderline, the next I’m depressed

you give me some Valium so I can get some rest

sedating me won’t get rid of my pain

and it won’t stop the hurt from returning again

I know that you don’t have a lot of time

but I also know that you can’t read my mind

a 5 minute chat every time that I call

isn’t going to help me much at all

underneath this mask that I wear

is a real person who needs to know that you care

I need to know that there is hope for me

that maybe someday I’ll be medication free

I don’t expect you to hold my hand

but I need you to try and understand

I just want to have a normal life

I want to become a mother and wife

most of my problems stem from my past

and once I work on these

I’ll be free at last

I can hold an intelligent conversation

I understand what is happening in the nation

don’t diagnose me from a book on your shelf

please don’t classify me with everyone else

I’m not crazy, stupid or slow

I probably know more than some doctors know

I’m going to finish college and get a PHD

I’m going to make it, you wait and see

I need your help now if I’m going to survive

I need your help now to stay alive

so if you’ll just help me a little bit

I know together we can conquer this