Afternoon slump

I feel so drained. I am literally sitting here exhausted.

It is too hot. My fan is on full blast!

I’m definitely in a bit of an afternoon slump.

I would drink a cup of coffee to perk myself up, but one there is no milk until mom gets back with the groceries, and two it is just too damn hot for coffee!

I did have a productive morning though! I met Frances at 9 AM. We didn’t go to Starbucks today. I decided I would just have coffee when I got back home.

We went to 3 stores. The grocery store, and two others.

I needed to buy a few things for mom. Plus my weekly groceries.

We were only out for an hour. When I got home I made toast because I hadn’t eaten and I was starving.

I could feel my blood sugar crashing, so I had to eat something.

I saw my community psych nurse Sarah at noon. We had a good appointment.

She weighed me and I lost another 1.5 pounds.

I’m down to 95.3 KG now, down from 99 KG!

I got to my parents house at about 1 PM!

I’ve just been chilling out since then!

My Friday evening is going to be more of the same!

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