Fears about taking meds…

I am having a lot of trouble with my meds. With taking them.

I am fearing taking them. I have a fear of gaining weight if I take them.

I know I need to talk to Dr. Barry. And I plan on doing that. I probably should have talked to her yesterday about it. I didnt, though.

I will continue to take the meds, but I have become very anxious when I have to take them. Some of my anxiety is stemming from this ongoing fear of the meds causing weight gain.

I really dont see any way around this. I need my meds. I need them in order to stay ok, and be stable.

I currently take prozac, clonadine, and trevicta, which is my 3 monthly shot. Trevicta doesnt cause weight gain at all, so that ones out. Not sure about clonadine, or prozac though.

I take depokate, and keppra for my seizures, and metphormin for my diabetes, I also sometimes take a prn of fenergan to help me sleep.

Dissociation causes me to forget to take my meds a lot. For this reason I dont always take them regularly. Dr. Barry knows this and is aware of it.

Deep down, I know I will have to take the meds, whether they cause me to gain weight or not. If I want to be well, I know I need the meds. And thats all there is to it.

I do intend on discussing this in therapy and also with dr. barry. I think I’ll feel a lot better once I do that.

A week back on meds

A week has gone by since I restarted my meds. I restarted depokate and keppra. They are my seizure meds, but the depokate is also for my mood. I had to start at a lower dose of that one. I was taking 1500 mg of it. When I restarted it I restarted it at 400 mg at night. I go back to see dr. barry tomorrow. She wanted to see us back after being back on the meds for a week. So far we’ve been doing good about remembering to take them. And we’ve had no unwanted side effects from them either which is nice. I’m happy with how its going. I doubt she will restart our other meds back up tomorrow, I think she’ll want to wait a couple more weeks before doing that.
Nice its going so well though. Thats how I like it.

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