Fibbing Friday 9th June my responses

1. You wanted to book a trip to Athens, but the agent misunderstood you…where did they send you? Hong kong!

2. What will customs agents find in your luggage? Lots of electronic devices.

3. What do you sneak aboard the flight, and what do you sneak it in? A bottle of cherry coke.

4. The plane crashes — everyone survives — where did you crash? In a field.

5. What are three things you find at your crash site? Cows, grass, my electronics.

6. What is the first thing you do when you get back home? Plug in my iPad!

7. The airline offers you money, but you turn it down…what do you get instead? A trip to meet the president of China.

8. You decide that a cruise is safer, where do you go? Hawaii!

9. Sadly, you get marooned on a deserted island but find huts and scientific equipment made out of coconuts…what do you do? Break the equipment!

10. A fishing boat rescues you, but you have to pay Poseidon for safe passage…how do you pay? I’ll give them my cherry coke.

11. He rejects your fare and throws you across the world…you land safely, but where do you end up? At loch ness!

12. How does your story end? The loch ness monster eats me up for dinner!

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