Is it just me?

Or are others having trouble liking posts on wordpress?
I spoke to wordpress support, but they werent much help. They checked and said the like button was loading fine for them. But when I try to load it, my screen reader just says, loading, and no like button comes up.
They told me it could be a connection or browser issue. Well, up until earlier this week I had no issue with it.
Anyone else having difficulty with this?


We had no electricity this afternoon for 3 hours

Our electricity went off at around 4:30. I’m writing this while its still off but I cant post it since I have no internet, so when this posts it will be back on. The whole area and surrounding areas have all had a power outage. My mom lives about half an hour from me and she has no electricity either.
I am sooo bored. We arent bad enough with having to stay indoors and away from people and then this happens. My dad and moms neighbour told them he was in touch with the electric company and they said it was going to be off until around 7 PM.
Grrrr! What will I do with myself?
There’s literally nothing to do! No internet, no radio, no tv. I guess I can read but I’m trying to save power on my phone.
My next door neighbour very kindly gave me a flask of hot water so I could make a hot drink, so I’ve made a cup of coffee for myself and I’m sitting here drinking it and contemplating what to do next.
Its going to be a very long couple of hours lol. 😀

Problem with my results, so frustrated

so now there is a problem with me getting my end of year results from college. it seems my account is blocked, and I cant access my results. It seems the block is on the account since the last time I was in school, which was in 2013. I dont know why its blocked, but I am unable to access the results for my certificate in mental health in the community, so I had to email the fees office and see if they will remove the block. I got an generic email back saying they were very busy and that I should log a student query which I did, but they said then the email would go to my student email address, and I dont know how to access that. So I am just hoping that they’ll see the first email I wrote to them using my personal email account and that maybe they’ll respond to that. I really am unsure why they put a block on my account, as far because as I am aware all fees were payed at the time, even though I dropped out of that course in 2013.

Its annoying, to say the least. I want to know my overall results. I want to know what I got!

I hope they’ll get back to me soon!

Ear update

It looks like I wont have to go have my ears siringued!
yay I am so thrilled!
Becky of beckys mental mess gave me a home remedy and I did it and it seems to have worked!
Along with me taking some painkillers as well!
I am not going to go have it done for now, and I will see how I go!
I’d have had awful trouble getting an appointment anyway, so its good news that I dont have to try! I can save myself that hassle!
In the mornings I wake up with my ear feeling full, but a little oil in it, and some hot water with my head bent over it does the trick, loosens the wax and I am good to go!
And for now, that will do!


Tygpress! Result!

I think I finally have a result from tygpress! Is the site,
I think they took down all of my blog posts!
I searched on there but don’t see any of mine now!
So I think sending those emails did something!
I hope I’m right! Can someone check for me?
Maybe I am wrong? I’m a little paranoid now about my content being up on their site!
If you can check on tygpress for therapy bits and let me know, I’d appreciate it!

Spammers are so annoying!

I am wondering, why spammers, bother to try to spam? Don’t they know most of their comments go into spam, and are never seen by us?
Why bother to spam at all? I hate having to go in and see what is in there, just in case I miss anyones comment, or it went into spam by accident!
I check the spam folder regularly now, just in case!
Good thing I did check it this morning, as there were 3 comments which weren’t spam, in amongst the 50 or so which were!
Its just so annoying! I think all bloggers should check theirs regularly! I’ve had issues before with comments that were legit going into spam and I don’t want that to be happening!
Do others have issues with that too, it cant just be me can it?