I turned the big 40!

Its my birthday today, I am 40! Omg! I am 40! I cant believe that! I still remember when my mom turned 40, I was 23 then. We had a party for her at my aunts house and I still remember it like it was yesterday!
So well, what am I doing for my birthday? I am celebrating it differently to how I originally planned, due to the coronavirus. We’d originally planned a weekend in killarney with all the family, and we were going to have a big party and all. But we’ve put those plans on hold now until all of this is over and done with.
Instead we’ll have a birthday cake, and some drinks, with our parents. We got some lovely presents, including over 150 euro in birthday money, which we’ll use to treat ourselves to a few things, like getting our nails done, a pedicure, etc once the coronavirus stuff ends and lockdown is over.
We got some very expensive perfume from our sister, some audible credits from our friend norma, and norma is also going to come over some time soon too and we’ll have a special birthday dinner, it may just be a few weeks from now that we do it. We’ve been so spoiled, and so many people have wished us a happy birthday on fb too. Its so lovely and we are very touched by all the love thats been shown to us.
Thanks everyone for making our birthday so special. We love you all.
❤ ❤

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Spoiled for christmas!

I’ve had a terrific day today! And I got so spoiled!

My mom got me some lovely new clothes, and a pajamas and slippers, and she got me tickets to the pantomime peter pan which we’re going to on new years eve.

My sister got me loads of make up, its a really expensive brand, one I’d never buy myself but that she uses, and she’s used it on me before and it suited my skin so she bought me my own, plus she bought me makeup brushes as well. She also got me a gift voucher to a clothing store I like to shop at.

For our secret santa, my sisters partner got me. He got me ariana grande perfume, its gorgeous. I didnt even know ariana grande had her own perfume, but apparently she does!

My godmother got me some new bath towels, she’s very practical which is good since I did need them lol. My aunt, moms other sister got me lovely mickey and mini mouse mugs, I love them! They are the cutest little mugs, with the ears as the handles.

So all in all it was a great day! Dinner was amazing. We had turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potato, roast potatos, roast parsnips, peas, gravy and banoffee pie for dessert!

I’m exhausted now. My niece and nephew loved their gifts that I got for them! I am going to try to head to bed soon since I am so tired!

Good night everyone! I hope you all had an amazing day!

About to open presents!

Merry christmas! I hope you are all having a great start to your day! Or end to it depending on where you are in the world!
I am just starting mine!
Am about to open my gifts! Cant wait!
Been up since 7 AM! The kids were so excited and wanted to get up and open gifts right away!
I love seeing their happiness and excitement!
Will be back later on with an update on what we got!

Gift giving

Yesterday my PA Frances and I exchanged christmas gifts. We were very excited about doing it. My PA got me a lovely top, a dressy top to wear. Its mustard color and its a lovely fit on me. She also got me a gift set with shower gels, body lotion and body butter in it. She also got Nitro a tin of doggy treats. I made her up a hamper with a load of shower products in it, chocolates, and some alcohol and I gave her a card with a lottery ticket in it. She loved what I got her. She said I was really thoughtful and that I’d put a lot of effort into the gift. It was a nice morning. She’s off now until January 7th. She was supposed to work with me on the 3rd, but I’ll still be at my parents house then so I told her to leave it until the 7th. She thanked me and said she appreciated that I’d do that. We wished each other a merry christmas as she was leaving, but we’ll be talking to each other online, as she’s friends with me on facebook.

Got my hair done!

So my migraine is gone! Yay!
Mom colored my hair for me. Its just a box color but it turned out great. It looks really good. I’m pleased with how it turned out.
Now mom and my sister are upstairs wrapping presents and writing out christmas cards.
I have my weigh in later this evening. I decided that I wont eat dinner until I’m done being weighed. I did eat lunch, I had a sandwich and an apple. I normally dont eat a lot on weigh in day.

Christmas gift from a friend!

Our friend Ray sent us a christmas gift! We got it just now. The post woman brought it after 7 PM! She said due to it being black friday there was lots of parcels being delivered and that is why she was delivering it so late in the evening!

We had fun opening it! It was makeup! Lipsticks, and lip liners! Thank you Ray! I love makeup. We dont have a lot of lipsticks and lip liners so it will be nice to have some new ones.

We are going to wear some of the lipstick next week going to the friendly call christmas party! I cant wait to try it out!

Its fun to get presents in the mail! Thanks again RAy! You made our day!
Amy age 15

Got all the gifts sorted!

c i got all of the shopping done and over with! now i can breathe! i have everyones gifts now. now all i have to do is put money in a card for mom and dad! we had a lovely day out. i got some clothes for my nephew, and my sister said she was going to let him wear them on christmas day. i got him a pants, and a christmas top that says “dear santa, I want it all”. Lol. I also got him a fleece to wear over the top. So he’s all set. I also got him two x box games, I had to return the ones I got him last week as I got them for the wrong console, but the store I bought them at took them back, and I only had to pay the balance for the ones I chose instead, I had my sister help me pick them for him because I knew she’d know what he likes. She chose a lego game and a transformers game. So now thats his gifts gotten. Mom bought me a lovely t shirt top that says “believe in yourself” on it. I loved it when I saw it. I will wear it with my new checky leggings. I bought a few christmas cards which I will be sending out to my friends, need to get my mom to help me write those tonight. We had our lunch out too. I had a nice bowl of homemade vegetable soup, and a turkey sandwich with relish on it. My sister got most of laurens gifts today too. I also went to the grocery part of the supermarket to get my fruit for the week and a few other bits I needed, like milk, yoghurt etc. I’m exhausted now but I am very happy. With 3 weeks to go until christmas, I’m sorted. Now I can enjoy myself coming up to the holidays, we’ll be going places, this week we are going to a craft fare on friday, and soon we’ll go to the christmas festival thats on in our city, we’re also going to see the coca cola truck, you know the big one thats in all the coke adverts. My sisters taking the kids to see it and then to visit santa, and mom and me are also going. I just need to get my college presentation over with this coming weekend on saturday, and then I can really start enjoying the festivities.