Started my christmas shopping, the countdown to christmas has begun!

Mom and I went christmas shopping today. Mom said she’d take me and we could make a start on my christmas presents. I had some money saved, and I was grateful to her for taking me in so I could make a start on it.

I’m extremely happy with all that I got! I’ve nearly all of my presents sorted now. I have only 3 or 4 more people to shop for in my family. After that I’ll be done.

I do have some online friends to buy for but there’s amazon for that. Amazon is great for buying for people who may be living abroad.

I feel really productive now. I cant believe how much I got done! Now I wont be rushing at the last minute to buy gifts! I am ecstatic about that!

The only down side to it was we had a long wait for a taxi to get back home. We waited almost an hour. That was frustrating as it was freezing. I missed the comfort of having my sister with us who drives as she’d normally take us.

Overall though we had a great morning and I am excited to have so much stuff bought now.

Birthday gifts

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday. I got spoiled by my sister. She got me a set with some slippers, body lotion, and body wash in it. She also got me some hugo boss perfume. Thats a very expensive perfume, and it smells really good. She also got me this cute little stress ball, with a picture of a pug on it. And she gave me a card with 20 euro in it. I am planning on buying something nice with the money over the weekend. Maybe a new dress top or a pair of shoes.

My aunt thats moms sister gave me a lovely gift also. She gave me some perfum too, the same one dr. barry wears, so I am in my element now, as I smell like dr. barry. Its a really lovely perfume, I cant spell the name of it, its a really expensive one too though. She also gave me some body butter, and some bath chrystals.

My cards I got with my gifts are really nice too. I love getting cards. I saved mine and put them on moms mantelpiece.

Mom is going to buy my gift at the weekend, she said she’d get me something to wear when we go shopping. I cant wait to try on some clothes and pick something out.

Its so nice to be spoiled. I’m such a lucky duck.


Christmas day 2018

So my sis came to mom and dads earlier with the kiddos and her partner.
We all exchanged gifts! She got me some lovely things!
I got 3 audible credits. Am so happy! I love reading as you all know so I am going to love getting some new books with them!
She also got me a defuser, with some oils, that smell like lavender and lemon, they are from the yanky store. Just what I wanted!
She also got me some spa sanctuary shower gel, body wash, face wash, body lotion, healing foot cream, and perfume!
My sis and I gave mom a gift of a ticket to brendan grace, who is an irish commedian. We got tickets for us too. Well laura got mine as a christmas gift to me. We’re going in february.
I gave the kiddos their presents, they were very happy with what I got them. My niece lauren also got an I phone from santa, she’s 10! She loves it and her head was stuck in the phone the whole time so she barely spoke to us!
We had fun though and thats what matters! Once they all left we ate dinner. We had turkey, ham, vegetables, mashed potato, stuffing, and for dessert christmas pudding and custard!
Yum yum yum!
Its been an incredible day. Laura will be back later on this evening with more gifts, our secret santa gifts. We do a secret santa with her partners family each year. So there is more to open later on!
Mom got me some soap and glory shower gel, body butter, and body sprays! She also got me clothes, and a shaving thing for removing facial hair of which I have some much to my annoyance!
She also got me a ticket to a rod stuart tribute night which we’ll all be going to in january!
I’ve had a brilliant day! Now I am just chilling out! Trying to recovery from all the food I’ve eaten!


Merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been up since 4 AM. Mom also got up. We sat chatting and drinking tea, then we opened presents.

Mom got me some really lovely smellies, soap and glory brand, my fave! I got body sprays, shower gel, body butter, I love them!

She also got me some clothes, and a ticket to go to a rod stuary tribute band in a few weeks time!

I hope you all have a fantastic day today!

May your day be full of joy and good food too!

A gift on christmas eve

A parcel came this morning in the mail. The post man was here super early. Like 7 AM.

It was from my cousin Carol who lives in england. I decided to open it after breakfast.

We were all really excited opening it. We love getting presents, especially the kids.

She got us versachi perfume, its called woman. It smells so good. She also got us a pajamas.

This is our second bottle of perfume someone has given us, and I am so happy! I love perfume. I love christmas because we always get loads of perfume.


My christmas shopping is complete!

I’m all done! Finally! Finally I can breathe!
I finished up the last of my christmas shopping today!
I feel free now! I just hope I picked the right gifts for people! I hope the family likes what I chose for them!
I got my sister perfume, a handbag, pajamas, a gift card to get make up that she wants, and a bottle of gyn and a gyn glass that says, is it gyn o’clock yet!
I got mom a gift voucher and some lotto tickets, I got dad socks , and some lotto tickets, chocolate, and I am giving him 50 euro in a card!
I got my niece a pair of unicorn pajamas, earings, and a voucher for a clothing store she likes.
I got my nephew a road blocks set of figures, he’s into those. I also got him some jellybeans.
Today I also got some gifts for clients at friendly call. The friendly call christmas party is this coming wednesday. All of the volunteers had to buy 2 or 3 gifts, small gifts, to bring, we’ll wrap them and then they’ll be handed out on the day to clients.
I got some gift sets, with body wash, shower gel, etc. I also got some ones that have lip glosses and stuff in them.
Mom and me had lunch out too. I had the most delicious pannini! It had turkey, ham, cranberry sauce and stuffing in it. Oh it was heaven!
So we had a good day and got everything done that we needed to do!