i’ve been working on my work experience module in class this morning. i am enjoying working on it. i did two exercises for my portfolio. one was a personal learning plan, for this i had to state 3 goals that I wanted to achieve while on work experience.
then I had to enter in 3 steps that I would take in order to complete each goal.
the second exercise i did was writing a formal letter of application to the company that is employing me.
I already emailed anita, my supervisor, but the exercise calls for a formal letter of application as well.
now after doing all that I am pooped, a coffee break is well in orderI think.
Then its off to the preschool to look around!

I’m on a roll guys

guys i seem to be on a roll. good sleep has all of a sudden come to me! yay i’m so happy!
two nights in a row now, i’ve went to bed really early, and i’ve slept, and i havent woken up at all throughout the night.
and when i did eventually wake, at around 5:30 AM I felt so energised and ready to face the day.
it feels so good and I am so grateful!
this morning I go to visit the preschool where I will be doing my work experience. I’m looking forward to visiting. It will be nice to meet the staff, not sure I’ll meet any of the kids, but I know I will enjoy looking around the classroom.
Just so you know, when I write about my work experience, I will be passwording the entries, because there will be sensitive information in them.
those of you who have my password it will stay the same so you will be able to get in and read them.
if anyone else wants it then you can contact me.
ok must run now and feed my pup whose nudging me with his wet nose!
carol anne

Blue Monday

today is blue monday! what crap! i dont even feel blue!
but its all over the radio, they say its blue monday, because everyones back at work after christmas, and everyone is feeling blue.
well i’m here to say i’m not blue! in fact i feel very upbeat!
i’m having a good day! as you know i went to therapy, and after that i went to abode to my Independent living skills course…its nice to be back again for another week of fun!
i say fun, because i find it fun being here!
i was working on my work experience module this afternoon. i filled out my student placement form and garda vetting form for my placement at the preschool which i am starting on friday. i also arranged to go on wednesday to have a look around the classroom, meet the staff etc.
i cant wait to go! clodagh who is my supervisor at the ILS course is going with me.
we will go spend the morning at the preschool on wednesday and i will get to have some orientation and mobility around the building as well.
i also got some good news today regarding a new personal assistant. i was supposed to get a new pa after christmas, and i was beginning to think the organisation where she works would never contact me! but today they did and my new pa starts with me on friday!
i will be meeting her on thursday morning. she will come here and i will be able to discuss what i will need her to do for me at home and where we need to go on the friday evenings since she’ll be doing my grocery shopping with me, picking up my meds, etc.
also i’ll be able to discuss any issues arising!
so yeah thats some positive news I’m so delighted!

carol anne

My positive news yay!

hey guys! i’m ecstatic!
my work experience placement has been finalised! I start next week! Next friday!
yay! sooo happy!
so i’ll be working in a place called child vision. its a preschool for children with special needs, like physical disabilities like blindness, developmental disabilities, and learning and sensory disabilities.
I’ll be working with one other preschool teacher, there will be four kids in my class. twins, and two others.
I’m not sure yet of their ages, or what their disabilities are.
but I emailed the coordinator this afternoon to ask her some questions.
I’ll be working on friday afternoons, 1 to 4 PM.
Not sure what all of my duties will be. but this is so awesome!
I’ll be starting out doing a 10 week placement, but I am hopeful they’ll extend it if I like it there.
so thats my positive news for today.
carol anne

Good news on the volunteering front

well i got some awesome news today. you remember a few months ago i said i was trying to get in to volunteer at a local preschool for disabled kids, kids with blindness, and other physical and developmental and sensory disabilities? well yesterday a call came in from the co-ordinator. i was going to volunteer there one day a week. we had initially said I’d go on mondays, but mondays dont suit, but she said friday afternoons would suit. so all going well, i’ll be starting soon. i am so excited! this is a really great opportunity! I will learn so much from doing this and i cant wait to start!
it will add to my work experience as well and I just know I’ll gain so much from working closely with the kids!
things havent been firmed up properly yet but they are in the process of getting firmed up.
so yay good news!
carol anne