I’m not going to be able to stay on my prazosin, can this day get any worse?

So it looks like I will have to come off of prazosin. the pharmacy rang me. they are having trouble getting the med. the wholesaler who supplies them isnt supplying the prazosin, all they could get were two packets of it, with 60 tablets in each pack. i take 4 mg, so thats enough to last me for four weeks, after that I’m screwed. so the pharmacist said she was going to call dr. barry to fill her in and let her know. she was going to do that after she hung up from talking to me. so it looks like i’m gonna be without it. I’ll have to try something else I suppose. Dr. barry will have to come up with something else to try. I’m really having no luck today guys. There is so so much going on. I really cant take any more. Just when I thought I had a good thing going, and was on something that was really helping me, its gone. Or it will be in four weeks time. Gees. What a day! I just want this day to end. right now. I hope dr. barry can come up with some solution for me, some other med to try. The prazosin was really helping me with my nightmares, and we were going to increase it up to a higher dose to see if it would also help with the rest of the ptsd symptoms and with my sleep. I’m so bummed that now I cant get it any more. Ug sigh. This sucks.

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I slept well again, yay!

I slept well again last night! I think the meds are working! I take haldol now at night, along with prazosin, and epilim and keppra, and meds for diabetes, which I dont have but my doctor refuses to let me come off of them!
I think the prazosin and haldol are helping me sleep much better! After two nights of taking them I am feeling the difference already! I love it! It doesnt take me long to fall asleep once I take them! I read my book last night for an hour, then I settled in and was able to fall asleep quickly!
I slept from around midnight until 6:30 AM! Unheard of for me mostly!
So now I am well rested! And I am feeling good! My mood is a little brighter too!
Its raining here, raining hard. I was going to go to my friends house today in the afternoon but now I’m thinking I wont go. My mom is coming home from her camping trip today, this afternoon.
I think I will just spend another day relaxing, and enjoy the rest of my weekend, before another busy week ahead.

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My apt with dr. barry for this past week

I had an amazing apt with dr. barry yesterday. I got there and I was expecting to be waiting about an hour to see her. but within 5 mins of getting there she came out to get me. She said she’s reorganised the clinic, so that people have not got a long wait time, she said she doesnt know how long she can make it work, but for now its working so that is good.
We went in to her office and I told her how depressed I’ve been. We talked about my mood and about this week being the summer solstace. I told her Eileen had offered to check in with us as much as we need to this week as she knows we’ve been struggling so much. Dr. Barry said that was a good thing.
She decided to put me on haldol longterm. 5 MG at night. She said she’d also increase my prazosin, I am on 3 MG at the moment, she said she needs to do some more reading up on it before we increase it, so for now I am to stay on 3 MG for another month. She thinks the prazosin will help my ptsd longterm, it has been helpful, so I am hoping it will lessen my nightmares.
We’re also going to increase my prozac next month from 20 MG to 40 MG.
Basically the majority of our conversation was about meds. I did tell her that I wouldnt be taking up the employment initiative that the national council for the blind was doing, I said I had a change of heart about it since there was no guarantee of a work placement at the end of it. This means that I can now see her again in the mornings, which is going to be better as usually by the late afternoon I’m exhausted.
We scheduled another apt for two weeks time. I really hope putting me on haldol is going to be helpful. I’m already on one antipsychotic, trevicta, which is a 3 monthly shot, so adding another one was risky, but she said since I’ve been on it before she was ok with prescribing it for me.
She gave me an emergency prescription and its being delivered to me tomorrow so I can take the meds over the weekend and see how I go with being on them.
Wish me luck!

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good morning

hows everyone today?
me i am good. i slep t well.
i slept for about 5 hours straight. thats good for us.
we woke at six, got up and made some tea. then went back to bed, and fell asleep again lol.
didnt wake until anette one of the nurses here called us. we’d asked her to give us a call because we slept it in yesterday.
no nightmares last night which was nice.
i’ll be starting the increase in the prazosin tonight.
hopefully it is going to help.
i’m looking forward to a chill weekend.
i’m staying home and doing absolutely nothing 😛
carol anne

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so i started the new dose of prazosin last night. I’m now taking 2 mg of it.
so far I’ve not had any adverse side effects. i didnt notice a difference in how i’ve been either.
the sleep situation is still not resolved. i had been getting less nightmares, but im still getting some.
but i know it takes a while for the med to kick in and do its job. so i’ll give it some time.
but dr. barry had said it might make me dizzy or groggy. but it hasnt done that.
I’m delighted. i know its a low dose but i’m happy with the dose for now.
carol anne