Mom is being kept in hospital

Mom is being kept in the hospital. She is currently in isolation, because she had to have another covid test, even though she’s negative, its just standard procedure now when you are admitted.
They ran lots of tests, they did x-rays of her lungs, blood work, and a couple other tests. Its looking likely that she has pneumonia, they are just waiting on the blood results to confirm it.
She’s on intravenous antibiotics and she is also on oral antibiotics.
Her lungs are hurting a lot, as you can imagine.
We’ll know more tomorrow when she sees her consultant, but I’m very worried.
Please continue to pray for her and send good healing energy her way.
Hopefully while she’s in they might also assess her for oxygen, so that she might have a better quality of life at home.
I’m trying not to stress out, but its hard.
I might lean on you all for extra support over the next few days, I hope that is ok.