I’m back home

I just got home to my own house. Man I am so hot! It is so warm out there.
My sister dropped me off. She’s going to a local park for the afternoon with my mom and the kids. I didnt wanna go with them. There will be too many people for my liking. I dont think its that safe to be honest. Its a disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me. I told mom she needs to be careful, she cant afford to get sick.
The house is boiling, so I think its time to bring out the fan!
I’m in shorts and a t shirt and I’m melting!
Poor Nitro is too!
Not sure what the temp outside is now, I’m too lazy to go look, I think though its about 24 degrees c.
My plan is to stay indoors and stay cool!
I just weighed myself and my weight seems to be staying stable, which is weird, since I’ve had some sweet things, alcohol, and other bits that I probably shouldnt have!
I’m happy its stable! Win win to me!