To touch a child

Hands of trust more than once betrayed

Can no longer be trusted in any way

Dare not come near or ask for protection

Reach for a hug, or show any affection

Know your to blame, try not to provoke again

Keep all the secrets or be accused of sin

Your not like others and you might infect

So isolate yourself out of deepest respect

You are poisoned in body and mind

But prey no one notices, in terror confined

No place is safe for you from him

You cant escape, thats the problem

Accept your torture without complaint

Adjust to the pain and call him a saint

He can control your mind because hes in it

He knows your fears and will not quit

You are powerless and whats more

At 6 years old he calls you a whore

He pushes your buttons, every last one

To keep you quiet so he can continue his fun

Never once did he think of you as a child

Only as his slave and thats putting it mild

And you remained loyal 100 percent

Even though every inch of your body was spent

And even though now that you are away

There is very little he will allow you to say

For you are his until the very end

And he wont allow your heart to mend