i wish i did know
i wish i could just let it go
fight, retreat,
delay, repeat
what more is there to show?

i wish the answers came
i wish this wasnt so lame
frightened, sad
fearful, mad
why is there so much shame?

i wish i could say
i wish it didnt happen this way
nightmares, no dreams
night terrors and screams
why does it all replay?

i wish it would come out
i wish there was sound when i shout
muffled, silent
desperate, violent
what can you see in this pout?

i wish i didnt run and hide
i wish i had someone to confide
smile, bask
conform, mask
why do i always just abide?

i wish you could see
i wish i didnt always flee
alarmed, confused
bruised, used
why cant i save me?

Jessa, age 12