Sue vincent is the host of writephoto, and this week she has given us a fabulous prompt.


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a rather oriental red bridge over a  pool covered with waterlilies and surrounded by trees.



as I stand by the red bridge

looking at the misty pool below

I feel so peaceful

water lillies

dance in the breeze

waving in the sunlight

the red bridge

so old

so beautiful

so inviting

its colors

dazzling my soul

i stand there

breathing in the scent

of flowers

bathing in the sunlight

peace and harmony

surrounding me



dark feelings

come, and go

not forgotten

throughout each day

feelings spike

especially at night

memories of hard things

threaten to overwhelm

i sit with the memories

try to distract

so that

they dont kill me

some days are hard

some nights also

but I always get through

my spirit is stronger

than any feelings i might have



Thursday inspiration

Paula from light motifs has given us another wonderful thursday inspiration prompt, and I thought I’d participate in it this week so here goes.



Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt post and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction. If you’d like to share your writing with the community, please indulge me and tag your post with #p0eticlicense and/or #lightm0tifs, and of course link back if you wish. I will try to visit everyone who participates.

This week’s theme is sunset and the picture is below.

sunrise, sunset

I love them both

Only wish

I could see them each morning

and evening

standing watching the sunrise

its a beautiful thing

glorious, liberating

and the evening sunset

always so mezmorising

my day isnt complete

unless i get to see one

or both of them



As I sit here
Relief floods through my body
I am wide awake now
No more bad dreams
No more overhwlming emotional responses
to horrific memories
I am sitting here
Without fear
Its a Cathartic releasing
Of everything
Thats pent up inside of me
That threatens
to send me
Into a tailspin
Sitting here
Listening to the morning birds
sing their melodies
I sip on my coffee
Hear their call
And I feel
So happy to have gotten
Through the night
I am alive
i am ok.
I do not have to fear

lisa’s poem on self harm

the pain is so real
and I dont want to feel
numb to my core
i dont want to endure
the urge to cut is so strong
I wish nothing was wrong
cutting keeps me sane
and takes away my pain
finding the words to talk about how I feel
so i will be able to heal
is harder than it looks