Meal planning for the week

so I sent mom off to do my weekly grocery shop. Everythings so damn expensive!
I cannot believe the price of food! I should really go to aldi’s or lidal to do my weekly shop, but mom goes to a local store called dunne stores, she gets hers there, and while she’s good enough to do mine for me, I cant ask her to go to two different stores.
That wouldnt be fair on her.
So anyway. I gave her fifty euro. With that, I’m buying a lot of fruit, and some food to make a batch vegetable soup, a chili con carne, and a chicken curry.
I’ll be eating those meals for the entire week, barring Sunday when I’ll be at my parents house for dinner.
I’m good with that though. They are all healthy meals.
And planning and preparation is key when your on the slimming world diet.