I love butter but… #TMP

I’m so miffed!

I love butter…but…not when it goes up in price from 2.50 to 3.79!

I bought 2 pounds of butter last Friday. It normally retails for 2.50. Or it did a month or so ago.

Not anymore! Now it is almost 4 euro!

I like a particular brand called dairy gold.

I don’t like any other brands, I can get a cheaper brand but they taste awful.

Seems everything is going up and up!

Most food items have gone up at least a euro or more! My half dozen eggs went up 40 cent!

I’m annoyed, do they think we’re made of money?

I am on a fixed income!

I can’t afford these astronomical prices!

But well, I don’t really have a choice!

Its buy the more expensive food, or starve!

Well, people! I’m not happy! I’m pissed off!

Written in response to the Monday peeve, hosted by Paula Light of Light Motifs.