its just not my night. 🙂 really? really? someones tryina scare me big time! 😛 I was sitting here just minding my own business. playing on the computer. reading my email. then i heard a loud thud! i jumped! gosh, i thought what was that! i listened, nothing. i got up slowly. slowly i went to the front door. i listened again. i decided to go outside and check, not the smartest idea in the pitch black darkness but there ya go. so off outside i went. and what was the thud? snow! a big pile of snow that had fell off my roof! 😛 gees guys! i couldnt believe it! 🙂 I am like thinking it was someone trying to break in my house! 😀 oh god! I am not meant to sleep tonight guys! No way no how! 😛 😀
carol anne

Liz’s sarcasm, da 7

If I was you I’d wanna be me too…


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