#writing prompt 45: Pie!

Sara is the host of writing prompt! This weeks one is deliciously good!

My favorite pie

My favourite pie is well…apple pie! Mmm! So good!
I love it with icecream, or custard!
I do love rhubarb tart too though but wait is that a pie? I suppose you could say it is!
Pie over here in ireland isnt that big!
We dont have all the different kinds of pie that they have in the states!
I did love pumpkin pie when I was visiting the US!
I also loved french silk pie! Omg that one is to die for!
Now that I am dieting I dont eat apple pie a whole lot. Rarely actually. I havent baked an apple crumble in ages!
So whats your favourite type of pie? Do you eat it a lot?