Post share: Music therapy can help us all!

Music therapy benefits all of us in many ways!
Read on for more on how it helps us heal and benefits our general overall stress levels!

5 Amazing Facts about Music for Stress Relief: Guest blog by Curtis Dean

Physical benefits of yoga

in class this morning we are learning about the benefits of yoga.
Heres a few of the physical benefits I found when researching it online.

•Increased flexibility

•Increased muscle strength and tone

•Improved respiration, energy and vitality

•Maintaining a balanced metabolism

•Weight reduction

•Cardio and circulatory health

•Improved athletic performance

•Protection from injury

I think I’d like to try yoga. I’ve said for a long time that I would.

a problem with my eye and suicidal thoughts

so now there is this problem with my right eye. its swollen and there is this lump in the corner of it. i can barely open it. the doctor on call, who happened to be the junior doc on dr. barrys team saw me earlier tonight. and he prescribed some antibiotic eyedrops. and he said i may have to go to the emergency eye clinic. if i have to go a nurse from here will take me. i dont want to go. that place triggers me so much. i’ve had problems with my eyes in the past and had to go to the emergency clinic. and they poke around in your eyes and put these awful drops in that sting and its awful and i can never keep my eyes open long enough for them to do what they want to do. i just dont want to go there. but its looking like i’ll have to.
then i am suicidal tonight. its almost 5 AM. I’m awake since 2 AM. my thoughts are racing and i am thinking of ways i could kill myself. i dont really have means, other than a towel that i could try to smother myself with. other than that i have no means. well actually i just thought of something. a staff member just brought me in a cup of tea, and the cup is made of glass. if i broke it i could slit my wrists with the glass. probably it wouldnt work though knowing my luck. i just feel so awful. i emailed eileen earlier and whined to her about how much i needed her and missed her and wanted a hug or for her to hold me and how it felt so overwhelming and i felt so triggered and activated. i really hope she will respond tomorrow. i like it when she takes the time to reply to me. it feels validating.
i’m just wondering how i’m going to get through the next couple of hours. i need to get through them safely. i read for a while. that did help distract me. maybe i can watch some tv on my phone, if i can find something that isnt an infomercial.