A medical apt on the 22nd of this month

So back last February, I had to have a smear test, I had it, then I got abnormal results, so had to go to a specialised clinic for further testing, the further tests showed slight abnormalities but the doctor said they would probably right themselves, that in younger people they usually do. They told me to make another appointment for December.

So this week I made the appointment to see the nurse down at my GP’s surgery. The only appointment I could get was for the 22nd of this month. My mom is going to come with me for morral support.

I am really nervous about having another smear test. The last one was pretty painful. It hurt a lot and I bled a lot afterwords.

But it must be done, and at least my mom will be with me.

I’m going to try to not think too much about it until the weekend before I’m due to go down there to have it.