An interesting article on disability!

I just read this interesting article! I thought it was a good read! I am interested to know what other people think of it!

I’m Not a Person with a Disability. I’m an Disabled Person

Work crisis update

So I’m sitting here in the office. I’m about to make a start on my call list. But first I thought I’d update on the situation I wrote about the other day, the guy who was in the psych ward and was being released tomorrow.

So my supervisor went and cleaned his flat where he lives. She got a lot of bags of rubbish out of there. She dumped all that. Then she organised a few supports put a few in place for him so that when he comes out he’ll have extra supports.

She put meals on wheels in place, that means he’ll get a hot meal 4 times a week, cooked for him, and brought to his house for him. Then she also got on to the local housing authority, as his shower is broken. She also got on to an occupational therapist, as he needs help to cut his food, and other equipment that will aid him since he is so disabled physically.

We found out the reason that he was put in the psych ward after the argument he had with his family, was because he tried to kill himself, that’s what ended him up in there.

My supervisor didn’t get out of the office on Friday until close to six pm. She did a lot for this guy. Then this morning my colleague trish finished working on the case. So now he’s all set up and hoping that when he gets out tomorrow that he’ll be ok.

At least he’ll have some extra support anyway. We’re hoping to get him on the friendly call service, but we’re not sure he’ll want to come on the service, we’re going to talk to him about it though, well my supervisor will.

Showcasing a new blog. Ability within disability

Today I am introducing a new blogger to you. Her name is Zoe. She writes about life with rheumatoid artheritis and glaucoma.

She is a new blogger and I know she’d appreciate some new followers.

So go check her out at

Respite update

so you remember i went on respite in may, for four nights? to abode, which is a centre for people with sensory and physical disabilities? and the time i spent there went very well. nitro was treated well. i was treated well. we enjoyed ourselves very much. tonight i got a phone call from one of the senior staff, asking me if I’d like to come again in July for four nights. I jumped at the chance. So I’ll be going from July 17th until July 21st. The nice thing about respite is that I can basically do what I want, ifI want to stay in my room thats ok, there is a tv in my room, if I want to come down to the main lounge and watch tv with the other residents i can do that too. I like to take nitro for walks in the park. He likes meeting other dogs and playing with them. My PA kristen will come one of the days and we’ll go out for coffee and to look around some of the stores in the big shopping mall that is nearby. I wont see eileen or dr. barry the week of respite. I might have a phone check in with eileen though. thats what we did last time. i’ll have my own apartment, which is lovely. you should see the beds they have, you can control them, they go up and down, you can raise your head and shoulders, you can raise your legs, its awesome. Hopefully I can arrange to meet some friends, as well, on one of the nights.
I’m happy I get this opportunity. Its doing wonders for my mental health.


All packed for respite

I leave to go to respite on Monday. I am going for four nights. The respite place is a centre for people with physical disabilities. It is my first time going there. I am looking forward to it. I feel I need the break. After recently getting out of the psych hospital, and dealing with recent depression and ptsd symptoms and anxiety, I really feel the break is needed. I packed my stuff this morning and now everythings ready. My mom helped me. I had a lot to pack up because Nitro is coming with me so I had some of his stuff too as well as all of my own stuff. I am feeling a little apprehensive and nervous about going but I am trying to think positively about it. Hoping the staff will be nice, show me around, help me take Nitro out to potty, etc. I’m pretty sure they will though. Its just me worrying like I always do about things in advance of them happening. If this works out, I may have respite a few weeks in the year. That would really be good and cut down on hospitalisations for me I hope.

Finally I’m going on respite!

I’m so excited! I just got a call about respite! The place I’ll be going to for respite is called abode, its a specialised place for people with physical disabilities. So there is a lot of wheelchair users, people who are blind, people with traumatic brain injury, or people who have had a stroke or other disabilities. The woman who called me her name was elaine. And she offered me a respite break from tuesday 2nd may until friday 5th of may, 3 days for the first break, just to test out if I like the place or not. She said if I do like the place that then we could talk about having longer breaks in the future. I’m so thrilled. Nitro can even come with me and she told me she is going to give me a self contained apartment, to give me more space with the dog. But the best thing is next thursday 20th april I’m going to tour the place. And meet elaine to ask questions and stuff. Kristen is going to bring me to do that. I actually will so need this break in early may, especially to deal with the easter hang over and the aftermath of all that. I’m very happy. At the respite place they have daily activities, and there is 24 hour support from staff. Elaine told me that if I needed help I can ask staff, and I’ll have a buzzer I can ring if I need them to come to my apartment, the apartments are in the main building. So exciting isnt it? I’m beyond excited here! This is just what I’ve been waiting for!

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Respite related

so as you know i had bad news about respite and was denied by one place i applied to. so i’ve been looking at other options. i rang my phn public health nurse, she is the one who initially referred me to both of the places i applied to. i told her about the one disability friendly place denying my application. she was shocked. she said she’d see if there was a way to appeal it. i said ok to her trying but to be honest i’m not sure i want to appeal it. i dont think i want to go to a place who really dont want me. and anyway i highly doubt i can appeal the decision. they were pretty clear when they said no. but i told her to see what she can find out and get back to me. yesterday i called karen you know karen r the team co-ordinator on dr. barrys team. she was sympathetic when i told her the news. i asked her if she knew of any respite places for people with mental health difficulties. she told me there is just one in the cork area and they only take people for respite occasionally and you have to be from a certain part of cork to get in. so thats a no go. just as i was writing this post my phn got back to me. she said that the place that denied me said i can appeal it, but that they really only work with profoundly disabled people, who cant wash dress feed themselves etc. so why then did the manager when she assessed me seem so positive? it doesnt make any sense. so i’ve decided on hearing that not to appeal the decision. its for the best i think. back to the things i’ve tried. this morning i rang the other place i applied to, and i asked them how long the waiting list is. she checked and said i am number 31 on the list currently. she told me she is going to do 14 assessments within the next 2 weeks and so that will half the list. so probably it will be middle of next year before a bed comes up but she was positive and when i told her the other place denied me she was actually shocked. she kept apologising and saying she was sorry their waiting list was so long. so thats a bit of good news the fact that they may take me when my name does come up. i also found out about a service that the irish wheelchair association which is where i get my pa hours from offers. basically they have a holiday hotel for the disabled in county roscommon. its about 3 hours away from where i live. they provide four night breaks for disabled people but the catch is that you have to pay for half of it and they will fund the other half for you. i rang the place this morning and the lady is going to email me on some info about the place. a four night break there costs almost 500 euro but everything is provided meals, activities, a bar, your bedroom, i could bring nitro, etc. it sounds really good and like something i’d really like. i think i will try it out but probably not until after xmas. but its something positive and i’m glad i found out about it. i rang one other place that i knew took people for respite but when i called they said they stopped taking people last january so that was a no go too. there is so little in the cork area for people with disabilities, people under 65, and people with mental illness. most of the respite is for elderly people who need medical care or have personal care needs. its sad really. but some of what i found out is positive so that is good. i’ll just have to hope one of the options i mentioned works out.