Sue vincent is the host of writephoto, and this week she has given us a fabulous prompt.


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a rather oriental red bridge over a  pool covered with waterlilies and surrounded by trees.



as I stand by the red bridge

looking at the misty pool below

I feel so peaceful

water lillies

dance in the breeze

waving in the sunlight

the red bridge

so old

so beautiful

so inviting

its colors

dazzling my soul

i stand there

breathing in the scent

of flowers

bathing in the sunlight

peace and harmony

surrounding me


#Writephoto prompt

For visually challenged writers, theimage shows a calm seascape in half-light, with a pathway of stone leading through the waters towards the horizon

sitting at the waters edge
watching the ocean
its calmness soothes me
birds are up ahead
Upon the stone pathway
their sweet song
a melody to my ears
As darkness descends
and In the half light of the moon
I listen to the waves
the birds start to fly away
and i
say to myself
I shall come here
again tomorrow
This is my happy place

#Writephoto prompt otherworldly

This weeks prompt ~ Otherworldly

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an opening between boulders, through which a rocky plateau can be seen, half hidden by mist.


Looking at a rocky view
I hide
In the shadows
The sun peeping through
Glinting and shining
Upon this rocky view
I sit at the opening
Gazing through the mist
Hoping not to be seen
But the sun
It gleams
And my shadow
comes into view
for all to see
Oh how I wish
I could hide


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Thursday photo prompt

Sue vincents thursday photo prompt this week is awesome! I thought I’d participate in it.
For visually challenged writers, theimage shows the sun painting a golden pathway across the sands and sea

sun illuminating
the sand, and sea
creating a shimmering path
Feel its beauty
Basque in the suns rays
Sit on the soft sand
Paddle in the sea
Look around
Life is so beautiful now.

#JusJoJan for Jan. 2nd! A photo of me and Nitro!

I am participating again in JusJoJan today!
Today I will share a photo I took of me and Nitro!
I am meant to share one I took this past week, but I dont have one to hand!
This one was taken when I was working in child vision which is a preschool here where I live, for kids with special needs.
I worked here for a few months in 2018, I wasnt working to get payed, it was a voluntary position and I absolutely loved it.
This photo was taken outside the building and I really love it.