Grrr so mad!

Well, recently I put in a claim to my pet insurance company, I recieved a letter back to say my claim was successful, and I’d be getting 66 euro back for my recent vet visit that I had with nitro last december.
All good. I was happy to get something back.
The previous claim I made last year, I had recieved a cheque in the mail for the sum of money I was recieving back.
I just thought that it would be the same procedure this time around!
The letter didnt say how the money would be sent.
That was 3 weeks ago. I heard nothing since then, and so today I called the insurance company, only to be told that the 66 euro had already been deposited into my bank account, but nobody told me that was what would be happening!
So, I’ve only gone and spent it!
I didnt even know it had gone in!
I am so mad as I wanted to put that money into my credit union account.
I really think the insurance company should’ve told me that they no longer send out cheques, and that now its all done through bank transfer.
I feel pissed off with them.
Plus also, my insurance policy went up now that I made a claim, now Nitros pet insurance policy is 292 euro for the next year.
It used to be 240 euro a year!