Weekend update

i had a pretty ok weekend, nothing new really to report. i did have one thing that scared me. on saturday morning at around 5:30 AM a group of guys and girls in their 20’s banged on my front door, kept ringing the doorbell etc. i think they’d come from a party, and got the wrong house, because eventually they went to a house a few doors up from where I live. I got such a fright that I rang my next door neighbour, she spent a couple of minutes looking out the window at them trying to see what they were doing. i had been dead asleep when they came to the door, so was woken out of a deep sleep. it was very scary.
Other than that, my PA came on saturday, i went and got groceries, went to pick up my prescriptions, and we did some things around the house, housework, and then she dropped me to my parents house.
I spent the rest of my weekend taking it easy, reading, watching tv, and preparing for my week. This week my therapist Eileen returns from vacation, I’ll see her on Tuesday morning. I also have an exam on Friday of this week, so I need to spend some time preparing for that, too.